Trump signs Executive Order further Undermining Obamacare

Just this morning Trump spoke about his new executive order that will give us the best Healthcare because Obamacare is so bad. He was so excited about how good this new care is that he almost forgot to sign the Exec. Order and started to walk away. V.P. Pence had to stop him.

From Vox:

With the failure by Republicans in Congress to repeal Obamacare this year, President Trump is taking matters into his own hands, signing an executive order Thursday that targets the health care law.

Trump is asking federal agencies to look for ways to expand the use of association health plans, groups of small businesses that pool together to buy health insurance, and to broaden the definition of short-term insurance, which is exempt from the Affordable Care Act’s rules, administration officials said.

The ultimate impact will depend on any new regulations written as a result of the order, but overall, the Trump administration could make cheaper plans with skimpier benefits more available — and experts worry that will damage the ACA’s marketplaces.

“The president still firmly believes that Congress must act to repeal and replace Obamacare, but before that can be done, this administration must act to provide relief,” Andrew Bremberg, who oversees domestic policy at the White House, told reporters Thursday morning. “We expect these policy changes to potentially benefit tens of millions of Americans over time.”

Policy experts warn that together, these changes could represent a serious threat to Obamacare: Trump wants to open more loopholes for more people to buy insurance outside the health care law’s markets, which experts anticipate would destabilize the market for customers who are left behind with higher premiums and fewer insurers. [Read more here: ]

Trump is bound and determined to undo Obamacare and everything good Obama did for us.

cartoon of trump

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    Confessions Of A Former Sinclair News Director

    Aaron Weiss
    Guest Writer
    04/02/2018 08:53 pm ET

    I was a Sinclair news director. For a few months, at least.

    In 2013, I was a young news director at a struggling small station in the Midwest, having worked my way up the ranks as a producer in larger markets. I’d uprooted my family the year before and moved from the West Coast to “earn my stripes” running a newsroom. I had a small team with a handful of veterans and eager new reporters I enjoyed mentoring.

    That fall, Sinclair Broadcast Group bought the station. Sinclair was not a household name at the time, but it did have a reputation in the business for being heavy-handed in station operations and for having a conservative editorial lean. The company first made national headlines when it forced all its stations to run an anti-John Kerry documentary just before the Democratic nominee lost the 2004 presidential election.

    Still, I went in with an open mind. As Sinclair prepared to purchase my station, I emailed a colleague to say, “From everything I’ve seen so far, it’s not the evil empire some people think.”

    It took just a few months to realize how wrong I was…


    Scott Pruitt Is the Symptom. Modern Conservatism Is the Disease.
    The last fews days have seen an avalanche of grift coming from the EPA director.

    APR 3, 2018

    In retrospect, it probably wasn’t the best idea to confirm someone to head the EPA who was at that very moment a plaintiff in a baker’s dozen lawsuits against that very agency. In less than two years, Scott Pruitt has managed to combine institutional vandalism and personal trough-diving in a virtually unprecedented fashion.

    Just in the past few days, he has rolled back mileage standards instituted by the previous administration, a move that is almost certainly going to get him and the EPA sued by the state of California, whose standards were the model for the new federal ones…

  3. THIS Is Why March For Our Lives Was So Important

    The Majority Report with Sam Seder
    Published on Apr 2, 2018

  4. Viral video raises worry over Sinclair’s political messaging inside local news

    PBS NewsHour
    Published on Apr 2, 2018
    Sinclair Issues Employee Gag Order After Trump Propaganda Scandal

    The Young Turks
    Published on Apr 3, 2018

  5. Cliff Schecter Retweeted
    Brian Krassenstein🐬 @krassenstein
    Democrat Rebecca Dallet didn’t just win the Wisconsin
    Supreme Court seat, she destroyed her Republican
    opponent by double digits.
    She ran against Trump. Her opponent ran with the NRA.
    You see the difference??
    2:55 AM – Apr 4, 2018

    ramses‏ @traeh79
    High School Student Nicknamed ‘Trash Girl’ by Bullies Refuses to Stop Collecting Litter – One Green Planet… via @onegreenplanet
    3:41 PM – 4 Apr 2018


    BlackRock to offer new funds that exclude stocks of gun makers and retailers including Walmart

    The world’s largest asset manager has created two new exchange-traded funds and a series of new index-tracking products for pensions and employee retirement plans that exclude stocks of gun makers and large gun retailers.
    The moves come amid a renewed national debate over the role Wall Street can play in promoting greater gun safety


  7. John Bolton is a Bigger Draft Dodger Than Donald Trump Ever Was

    The Majority Report with Sam Seder
    Published on Apr 5, 2018

  8. This Is Hell! Retweeted

  9. Clay Bennett
    Clay Bennett
    Tuesday, April 3, 2018


  10. @Crank Bait: If the right had a Charlie Pierce, it would be Rick Wilson.

    FBI Raid on Michael Cohen Is the Most Dangerous Day of Donald Trump’s Life
    The president’s low-rent Ray Donovan can bully porn stars, but not Robert Mueller. The shtick is up.

    Rick Wilson
    04.10.18 5:02 AM ET

    Monday’s FBI raids on Michael Cohen’s Rockefeller Center office, his hotel room, and his home all provided a proper dose of comeuppance to a man more accustomed to screaming threats, shit-tier legal theorizing, and putting his strip-mall law degree to work in service of Donald Trump.

    Cohen, far from being the superlawyer to a billionaire real-estate tycoon, really only has one important job: covering up Trump’s alleged dalliances. It was Cohen batting cleanup, dealing with an army of models, escorts, Mistresses (large “M” and small “m”), actresses, porn stars, models, Real Dolls, fangirls, groupies, and random topiary at Mar-a-Delicto with a wall of nondisclosure agreements. Master of the NDA, Cohen thought attorney-client privilege would protect him.

    [Rest of the story]

  11. @johnson:

    The piece is packed with jewels. I especially like this one:

    If Cohen had a lump of coal in his ass the moment those search warrants arrived, he could have popped out a diamond.

  12. Thanks to Trump and Cohen, we again wonder if art imitates life or life imitates art.

  13. First Look At James Comey’s New Tell-All Book | All In | MSNBC

    Published on Apr 12, 2018

  14. Pee Tape Allegations; Paul Ryan Retires; Trump Attacks Mueller:
    A Closer Look

    Published on Apr 12, 2018


    I’d Like to Offer This Sanity Quiz to All #NeverTrump Conservatives
    Nicolle Wallace, David Frum, Joe Scarborough, Bill Kristol: Step right up.
    APR 13, 2018

    I am told regularly by people I admire and respect to hold my cynical tongue about all the career conservatives and television flotsam from the late and unlamented Avignon Presidency who now are all over the airwaves deploring the terrible things being done to the Republic by the president* and his dwindling band of loyalists down at Camp Runamuck. Be nice, I am told. These are valuable allies.

    Try not to say so loudly that, as soon as the Republican Party casts off the First Millstone, these people all will be right back to promoting the ideas and the policies that made him possible in the first place—voodoo economics, wars of choice based on deceit, ticking-bomb excuses for torture, and night sweats over the impending rise of the liberal power elite. Keep that stuff to yourself, they say.

    I am nothing if not coachable, so I’ve laid off as best I can. But, on Thursday night, kindly Doc Maddow hosted Nicolle Wallace to talk about the Comey book and other symptoms of our current attack of virulent political botulism. Wallace has proved to be a great—not, good, but great—TV host qua TV host. She’s smart and she’s personable and she comes across wonderfully on camera.

    That said, on Friday night, if I had a firearm, I’d have Elvis-ed my electric teevee screen over something Wallace said…

  16. @Crank Bait:

    Sanity Quiz –
    All Good questions for those hypocrites.
    #’s: 1,7,8,&9 are my favorites.

    also the 500 word essay choice.

  17. @Jmach1P:

    I heard Nicolle Wallace make the comment in real time, the same comment that made Pierce’s head explode.

    For no particular reason (or for no reason I can explain), my first thought was, “Wait, what? What about the Bush team’s smear campaign against John McCain in the primary?”

    That was simply my first and immediate thought. Obviously Charlie Pierce had many first and immediate thoughts that refute Nicolle Wallace’s fanciful claim that the GOP has never stood for character assassination.

  18. @Jmach1P: I don’t know who their parents are, but they raised them right. That song has so many pieces of great mid to late 60’s hit pop songs I can’t list them all.

    It was very easy negotiating the rights to use part of that song for In The Memetimes. They just said make and offer, I did and they gave me rights for 5 years, unlimited.


    White Evangelicals Can’t Quit Donald Trump

    …A PRRI poll conducted in the fall of 2017 suggested how unshakeable the white evangelical-Trump connection has become: Among the 72 percent of white evangelical Protestants who approved of Trump’s job performance at the time, approximately four in 10 agreed with the following statement: “There’s almost nothing President Trump could do to lose my approval.”…

    …But by tying themselves to the Trump brand, white evangelicals risk their movement’s ability to grow. During the sea change in cultural attitudes over the last decade, white evangelical Protestants were also losing demographic ground, dropping from 23 percent of the population in 2006 to 15 percent of the population in 2017. Most of the declines in the overall evangelical population have come from young people, resulting in stark differences in generational representation. White evangelicals comprise 26 percent of seniors ages 65 and older, for example, but make up only 7 percent of Americans under the age of 30.

    As the Trump and white evangelical movements become increasingly intertwined, young people are increasingly at odds with both. In this week’s PRRI poll, only 33 percent of young adults ages 18 to 29 rate the president favorably. Nearly two-thirds, or 65 percent, hold an unfavorable opinion, including a striking 41 percent who report they hold a very unfavorable view. While white evangelicals as a whole are still fighting the late 20th century culture wars, young adults are moving on: Nearly eight in 10 support same-sex marriage and approximately two-thirds say abortion should be legal in all or most cases and available in their local communities. And while, generally speaking, Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric resonates among white evangelicals, young adults overwhelmingly support policies like the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and a path to citizenship for immigrants living in the country illegally. White evangelicals’ association with Trump’s alleged indiscretions, divisive speech, and policy priorities will likely make retaining and attracting younger members to the faith even more difficult than it would otherwise be…

    Whether white Evangelicals were born dumber ‘n a sack o’ hammers or they were culturally infused with artificial ignorance as products of white Evangelical communities, they are, in fact, dumber ‘n a sack o’ hammers.

    Worse, they are proud of it.

  20. The Uranus pun will not be denied.
    No Joke: Uranus Smells Terrible, Study Says
    Live Science 5h ago
    Science Confirms Uranus Stinks
    IGN (blog) 1h ago
    Uranus Smells Like Rotten Eggs, Study Says
    The Weather Channel 5h ago
    According to science, Uranus smells like eggy farts
    Mashable 3h ago
    Uranus is full of gas that smells like rotten eggs
    SlashGear 2h ago
    There are more. Google it. There will be more. And the people supporting the pronunciation your-uh-nuss will never win.


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