Some of the many Lies of Donald Trump by Robert Reich

Robert Reich put together a great list of the Lies that Trump has told and are now showing up by Trump’s agenda. What he said he was for and why a lot of his base voted for him, he’s reneging on now.

Here’s the list:

For Donald J. Trump supporters:

1. He called Hillary Clinton a crook.
You bought it.
Then he paid $25 million to settle a fraud lawsuit.

2. He said he’d release his tax returns, eventually.
You bought it.
He hasn’t, and says he never will.

3. He said he’d divest himself from his financial empire, to avoid any conflicts of interest.
You bought it.
He is still heavily involved in his businesses, manipulates the stock market on a daily basis, and has more conflicts of interest than can even be counted.

4. He said Clinton was in the pockets of Goldman Sachs, and would do whatever they said.
You bought it.
He then proceeded to put half a dozen Goldman Sachs executives in positions of power in his administration.

5. He said he’d surround himself with all the best and smartest people.
You bought it.
He nominated theocratic loon Mike Pence for Vice President. A white supremacist named Steve Bannon is his most trusted confidant. Dr. Ben Carson, the world’s greatest idiot savant brain surgeon, is in charge of HUD. Russian quisling Rex Tillerson is Secretary of State.

6. He said he’d be his own man, beholden to no one.
You bought it.
He then appointed Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education, whose only “qualifications” were the massive amounts of cash she donated to his campaign.

7. He said he would “drain the swamp” of Washington insiders.
You bought it.
He then admitted that was just a corny slogan he said to fire up the rubes during the rallies, and that he didn’t mean it.

8. He said he knew more about strategy and terrorism than the Generals did.
You bought it.
He promptly gave the green light to a disastrous raid in Yemen- even though all his Generals said it would be a terrible idea. This raid resulted in the deaths of a Navy SEAL, an 8-year old American girl, and numerous civilians. The actual target of the raid escaped, and no useful intel was gained.

9. He said Hillary Clinton couldn’t be counted on in times of crisis.
You bought it.
He didn’t even bother overseeing that raid in Yemen; and instead spent the time hate-tweeting the New York Times, and sleeping.

10. He called CNN, the Washington Post and the New York Times “fake news” and said they were his enemy.
You bought it.
He now gets all his information from Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, and InfoWars.

11. He called Barack Obama “the vacationer-in-Chief” and accused him of playing more rounds of golf than Tiger Woods. He promised to never be the kind of president who took cushy vacations on the taxpayer’s dime, not when there was so much important work to be done.
You bought it.
He took his first vacation after 11 days in office.
On the taxpayer’s dime.
And went golfing.

And that’s just the first month.
by Robert Reich

If you have any more lies Trump has told, use the comment box below.

877 thoughts on “Some of the many Lies of Donald Trump by Robert Reich”

  1. Great…

    Open Public Slave auctions in Libya… now backing terrorist suicide bombers in Syria…

    Iraq… Iran… how many South American Governments?

    Nation Building does not work, you fucking morons… it is just an excuse to sucker you into letting our Congress pour more tax dollars into the military and intelligence budgets… and fund Corporatist adventurism in the name of spreading Democracy…

  2. @cent: But he’s not working for a network now. He’s doing this on his own. If he disappears again it may be the dangerous way.

  3. meh… same sorry ass bullshit from the same assholes who helped you talk yourself into Clinton… didn’t work then, wont work now…

    A meme making it’s way across the French Political blogs over the weekend has better advice… and “De La Bouche de Cheval” as it were…

    …rough translation “To defeat Trump, follow Sanders (Mélenchon) – don’t make the same mistake!”

    how do you say Benie woulda won in French?

  4. A Rising Tidal Wave Sinks All Boats…

    Trump is taking the GOP down with him, as predicted… but the smug assholes in the Dem Leadership still think the electorate are idiots and are ignoring their progressive demands… so, they are sinking like a rock too… what’s it gonna take?

    Sharp drop in Democratic Party favorability among Democratic-leaning independents

    Liberals are Dumb. As. Fuck.

  5. It’s Sink or Swim Time…

    …my greedy little fishies… cause the Left ain’t gonna float your sorry asses no more…

    The Democratic Party Must Finally Abandon Centrism
    Bernie Sanders and Tom Perez are working together to build a party that puts economic populism at the top of the agenda.
    By John Nichols – The Nation
    Today 3:35 pm

    …Time will Tell…

    …but it’s a start… and in the meantime, the Centrists who told us we were wrong and that our actions would have zero effect on Dem Party policy, can kiss my ass…

  6. Sausage? Hahaha More Like a Cocktail Weenie…

    check out her verbiage and misdirection here as she pivots straight to Trump… not only does DiFi not support Single Payer, she is opposed to it in concept…

    Dianne Feinstein faces down boos at San Francisco town hall
    Christine Mai-Duc – LAT

    Progressive activists who have sought to address Sen. Dianne Feinstein face-to-face for months got what they wanted Monday as Feinstein held a town hall meeting in her hometown of San Francisco.

    The most tense moment of the hourlong forum came when she answered an audience member’s question about healthcare by saying she doesn’t support efforts to move to a single-payer system.

    Faced with boos, Feinstein said when it comes to a “total takeover” of healthcare by the government, “I’m not there.”

    One audience member called Feinstein a “sellout” as others joined in chants of “Single-payer now!”

    * * *

    Toldyaso… Feeling dumb? Good. You earned it…

  7. Sorry, was in hospital again. Looks like I might need a hip replacement. I have to see my orthopedic surgeon this next week to find out. Will know more then. Back home now.
    Pain in left hip was unbearable. I could not stand sit or lay down with out pain. Bone on bone pain is bad. Had ex-rays and 2 MRIs but they didn’t find anything but the hip joint was bad.

  8. @toniD:

    I noticed you were gone, but hoped you just got a little tired of it all and were taking a break…

    Sorry your bones are hurting so bad… I’ve had bad knees since I was young and I understand what you mean by bone-on-bone pain… I can not imagine how awful that feels in your hip… hopefully they can operate and get you some relief… Debs mom had hip replacement over this winter and she was in and out in a few days… it is amazing how routine surgeries like that have become nowadays… hopefully by the time my turn comes it will like changing a tire… in and out and back to the bar in time for happy hour…

  9. @toniD:

    That is a good piece on the Dems and populism…

    It looks like Liberals are beginning to snap out of the media induced psychosis and focus on economic policy again… and the Centrists are starting to head off into the woods to regroup… finally… all it took was a few hundred thousand Leftists giving themselves brain aneurysms screaming at them for 8 solid years… hopefully it sticks…

  10. …and Again…

    This latest poll has Sanders at 57% of Registered Voters, including Republicans, and 80% of Dems…

    …and it ain’t because of his looks…

    Chuck Schumer needs to start considering spending more time with his family…

    This is going to absolutely scare the living shit out of the establishment…

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  12. @cent: Thanks cent. I’ve had one hip and 2 knees replaced already. I was kinda waiting for my left hip to give out. Knees are a bit easier than hips to replace. More PT after hip replacement but then there is no pain!

    It’s time! People are pissed at both parties.

    I hope they are scared! They should be.

  13. The Mike Malloy Show Retweeted
    Hal Sparks‏ @HalSparks 2h 2 hours ago
    The Hal Sparks Daily is out!… Stories via @billburr

    The Mike Malloy Show Retweeted‏ @MoveOn 2h 2 hours ago
    Congrats to @ossoff for impressive 1st place in GA-06. Sign of #Resistance
    strength & Trumpcare backlash. Our take:

  14. @Crank Bait: I just wish those KC Royals unis did not look so much like the Dodgers. Tomorrow could be fun with Mad Bum.

    All in good will. Not trolling or insulting chirping. I already know how stoopid I am. 😉

  15. @Vernon:

    During last night’s Royals/Giants game, a K.C. announcer said, “When you look up baseball player in the dictionary, there’s a picture of Bumgarner.”

  16. Stupid is as Stupid Does…

    I remember running across an article a few years back titled something like “Pamela Anderson is the ‘slow child’ in a family of geniuses… literally…”. I also remember snickering “no shit” and quickly moving on…

    Recently I have been running across comments mentioning her Leftist politics and that she has a massive nerd-crush on Julian Assange… to me, this seemed a curious comedic non-sequitur… which is what led me to her blog… Apparently, she has been tweeting and posting on Animal Rights and International Politics for years… I must say, the more I read, the more I was pleasantly surprised…

    Who knew…? I mean, she is no Chris Hedges or Arundhati Roy, and some of her communications skills are almost as bad as mine, but if you can parse the writing and navigate the more divergent streams of consciousness, she has some surprisingly solid takes and unique, even brilliant, observations… I guess the “Blonde Bimbo” routine was really just that… she is just so good at it, I never gave it a second thought…

    Lately, I have been shredding people who claim to have superior insight into US and World politics, and, for years, have been falsely attributing Genius Superpowers to ordinary crooked ass politicians by projecting into them some as yet hidden virtuous agendas, unhatched schemes and skills of multi-dimentional political gamesmanship… most of which have turned out to be self-indulgent, childish, wishful thinking… it is important to remember that the inverse of this mistake, dismissing someone as grossly inferior because you can not grok their message or communications style, is just as dumb…

    My Bad, Pamela… Lesson Learned.

  17. @toniD:

    oy… Perez looks like a Stockholm Syndrome victim… and Bernie looks like he is not too far from losing his patience…

    ‘Hope’? are you fucking kidding me?

    For a group that insists their problem was messaging and not policy, 3rd way Dems are still incapable of forming coherent policy statements… trying to talk out of both sides of your face on an issue will do that to you…

    my gut is telling me this marriage will not last…

    ‘course that could just be the falafel I had for lunch…

  18. @toniD:

    Sayonara “Blah Blah O’Reilly”…

    best comment so far…


    Where in the world is the USS Carl Vinson?

    …Senior Trump administration officials blamed a miscommunication between the Pentagon and the White House for earlier incorrect reports that the USS Vinson was already on its way to the Korean Peninsula…
    One says south. The other hears north.
    One says Australia. The other hears Korea.
    One says lunch. The other hears launch.
    What a clusterfuck we’re in.


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