Since Trump became President the news changes every hour. So does Trump!

Since the news has been non-stop since Trump became president, here is an open thread for us to post the changing news. Have at it! There’s been no end to the News and it’s usually all bad!

827 thoughts on “Since Trump became President the news changes every hour. So does Trump!”

  1. What a bad deal this is for Wisconsin. Even the Koch Bros. are against this one but Trump thinks it’s great.

  2. Charlie’s Hustle…

    Pfft… riiiight Charlie… its been all about disagreements on trivialities and nothing on substantive economic issues… no mentions of discontent with stone walling on single payer by the Dem Leadership, or even it’s outright refusal for consideration in CA, no mentions of DNC supporting GOP candidatates in Fla., or Primary reform, or platform changes, etc, etc, etc… nothing… it’s all just been petty impetuous ego based wrangling over trivial issues, and “leftier than thou” pontificating and baseless victimizing of “promising” Clinton Machine anointed candidates… no valid core ideological arguments at all… just bickering children who don’t know as much about the way the world works as the elite…

    …same old ‘in the tank’ horseshit I recognize… only now it’s coming from Mr. Pierce… and even his impeccable writing style can’t disguise it…

    The only reason you can “blame citizens united” in the first place is because the politicians and media have been corrupt for so long they’ve forgotten how to do it any other way… and the only way out is to publicly and mercilessly hammer their crooked asses for it, stop electing them and demand better candidates, not fill government seats with more of the same, you moron… but no, that is all just purists and hippies throwing a temper tantrum… and its always about everything other than the economics… isn’t it, Charlie…

    They have learned nothing… and THAT is the real reason they have zero chance of seizing this once in a generation opportunity to remake the Polity… Idiots, desperately clinging to the past because they’re too stubborn, or too greedy, or too afraid, or too incompetent to figure out any other way to move forward than the same old model of corporatist graft… and they are running out of road… when they fuck this up, they will, with the help of people like Charlie, try to lay the blame at the feet of the Left… but the next generation already knows better, and I promise you they will not forgive…

    …god I am so sick of hearing this crap… I stopped reading Pierce a while ago… I thought his slow slide into mind-numbing establishment inanity was just a side effect of Election Trauma and it would eventually wear off, but he has only gotten worse… I’m disappointed in what a status quo worshiping functionary, shilling a dead narrative, Charlie has turned out to be… how does anyone still read his unbearable tired garbage content anymore…?

    I don’t know what the hell happened to him… and at this point I really don’t care… but time’s up… fuck him… he’s done.

  3. Better Stronger Faster…

    I’ll say this, since I migrated and tuned the blog, it has been a pleasure coming back here… this new platform it is running on has been smooth as silk so far…

    of course a huge part of that is that they are a fairly new Hosting Service and probably aren’t anywhere near capacity, but their servers are also extraordinarily responsive and appear to be well configured and maintained… pretty cheap too…

    so there’s that…

  4. Hey toni,

    If you don’t mind, I think I might start writing up some of my rants as posts… they’re getting too long and I keep discovering that when Im done editing them there is still so much left I want to say… but after about 350 words comments start to become a little ridiculous in length…

  5. Did You See This Coming….?

    …a lot of us did… all the way back when Rahm started making rationalizations for recruiting BlueDogs…

    When PNAC Signatories (nay Founders), and Arch Neocons not only endorse your Party’s Presidential candidates but actually feel comfortable accepting your self-defining labels as their own, it is definitely time to take stock and do a major life and values reassessment…

    I really hope this is just Kristol taking his sense of humor out for a stroll…

  6. @cent: Fine with me.

    @cent: If we ever get the Majority we have to ask the Congress to make laws that say if you accept money from lobbyists or Pacs you will be unseated as a Congressman of Senator. There have to be rules and we must, must do away with Citizens United.

    We need to get more Liberal Judges also!

    @cent: Oy! He’s been on all the shows sounding more liberal also. We’ll see with him. Leary!

  7. @toniD:

    Absolutely, Citizens United must go… but getting rid of it is going to require Dems who will actually work to abolish it, not the ones who are getting rich off of it…. Stopping Corporate Dems at the gate is a must because once they get past the point of entry all we will ever get from them is lip service… no one wants to kill the golden goose…

  8. @toniD:

    Bill Kristol is an apostate of Hell… He and his comrades have so much blood on their souls I wouldn’t care if he spent the rest of his life in sackcloth and ashes feeding Lepers barehanded in penance, he will always be a fucking scourge… and even the idea he or any of those death-dealing psychopaths at PNAC want to be associated with a part of anything politically connected to the Dems makes my skin crawl…

  9. This is just so horrible and, unfortunately, typical and is why we lose elections to the GOP…..

    The Democrats and Hillary’s Funders Just Sunk to An All-Time Low

    The divide between establishment Democrats and progressives in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s defeat in the 2016 presidential election has taken an interesting twist in a Florida Congressional race.

    Florida Democrats are raising money for sophomore GOP Congressman Carlos Curbelo, who represents the 26th congressional district, in his campaign for reelection against Democrat Debbie Mucarsel-Powell.

    The Democrats co-hosting the August 23 fundraiser include former Miami Mayor Manny Diaz, Homestead, FL Mayor Jeff Porter, Florida City, FL Mayor Otis Wallace, top Hillary Clinton donor Ira Leesfield and attorney Roland Sanchez-Medina, who has worked on Democratic campaigns against Curbelo in the past.

    The Democrats joined a group of Curbelo supporters that includes GOP Senator and former presidential candidate Marco Rubio, who will also host an event for Curbelo.

    Curbelo, who paints himself as a moderate, is a pro-life Republican who voted to repeal and replace Obamacare.

  10. @toniD:

    yep. This news, more than anything else, is what triggered my “fuck Charlie” reaction to his Dem apologist piece yesterday…

    This is who the Dems have become… People who shout down the Left for opposing Clinton Machine corporatists may not realize they can only see the very tip of the iceberg… What they are being told is “purists” on the Left are trying to destroy reasonable centrists that could be moved left or right on any particular issue… the reality is the DNC is only selecting people and showing us the very far Left side of their faces… Schumer and Co. are still trying to pull the country further and further right… not only on economics, but now they are even beginning to chip away at the base on core social justice issues, like abortion, as well…

    Now is not the time to make more excuses for them… it is time to fight them on this, tooth and nail and hair on fire, like our lives depend on it… It is time to panic.

  11. @cent: I’ve been panicked for awhile now. By this time they should have been fighting hard for awhile. Like since the election!

  12. Donald Trump could be the best thing that’s ever happened to the Democratic party if it weren’t for the Democratic party.
    -Jim Earl

  13. >Inside Bernie Sanders’s campaign to save Obamacare

    On three separate occasions this July, staffers for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) began preparing for the rollout of his new single-payer health care bill.

    But every time they started to do so, Senate Republicans would improbably revive their push to repeal Obamacare — and Sanders’s team would postpone the launch of their “Medicare-for-all” campaign, according to aides to the Vermont senator.

    “Bernie has repeated to us over and over and over again, ‘Our top priority is doing everything in our power to make sure 20 million people don’t lose their health care,’” said Ari Rabin-Havt, a senior adviser to Sanders.

    This was something of a relief to some Democrats. Just last year, the party warily eyed Sanders as a potential liability as much as a potential ally. After all, he has repeatedly insisted that Obamacare was, at best, a way station on the road to single-payer.

    “Obamacare was a small victory for the uninsured, but it is time to take the fight against inadequate coverage even further,” he said.

    After the election, some feared the Vermont independent would continue to torch Obamacare’s inadequacies, while turning his passionate followers against the Democratic Party.

    But at least during the Obamacare repeal fight in Congress, Sanders was a team player. He brought crowds to dozens of rallies with Senate Democrats who had once opposed him. He shut a Republican attempt to expose Democrats’ divisions, despite the interest of some of his team. And, perhaps most importantly, he marshaled his resources and newfound star power in defense of Democrats’ top priority: showing what it might look like for his movement to be incorporated into the party apparatus, rather than having it try to knock down its gates. [more]

  14. @toniD: Just a bit ago, on MSNBC, there was a man, who’s father was a Congressman and died of cancer, who used to be a Republican and since Trump won and he said took over the Republican party he could no longer be a Republican. He is running, in Utah, for an office on a thrid party ticket that he said over 60% of the people of Utah favor. I was listening while doing something else so I can’t remember his name right now. But even the Republicans are trying third party runs now.

    This might be the time to form a third party. What do you think?

    Update: His last name was Bennet.

  15. Poll: Utah Democrats and independent voters would be most likely to vote for United Utah Party candidates

    There may be an opening for the new United Utah Party to make some headway with Utah voters according to a new survey.

    We asked registered voters if they were a loyal voter to the Utah Republican or Democratic party, or if they would consider voting for a qualified candidate in the new centrist political party formed earlier this year.

    63% of Utahns said they were not loyal to either the Republicans or Democrats and might be persuaded to vote for a candidate running under the United Utah Party. 22% of Utahns said they would prefer to vote for Republican candidates while 9% are partial to Democratic candidates. 6% said they didn’t know.

    The new United Utah Party launched last month promising to provide a political home for Republicans and Democrats who were tired of the extreme wings controlling both of their parties.

    Currently, the UUP is fighting to gain ballot access as a legitimate political party and waging a court battle to get their nominee in November’s special election, Jim Bennett, on the ballot under their party banner. The first quest looks to be close to finished as the party submitted the required 2,000 signatures for the state to recognize them as a political party. However, since they were not an official party when Bennett attempted to file as a UUP candidate in the race to replace Rep. Jason Chaffetz, he was not given a ballot slot. Bennett has filed a lawsuit to force his way on the November ballot as a candidate for UUP.[more]

  16. This Texas Town Went Full Libertarian and Hilarity Ensued
    Turns out self-governing is harder than it looks.

    LINCOLN, NEBRASKA—The shebeen has relocated for a few days to keep an eye on the hearings being conducted by this state’s Public Service Commission into our old friend, the Keystone XL pipeline, the continent-spanning death funnel and conservative fetish object. At its roots, the fight over the pipeline is a fight over the limits of corporate deregulation as it affects ordinary citizens, and over the obligation of elected officials to enforce those limits. (The PSC here is an elected body.)

    In that spirit, we should look at this sadly hilarious story from another state. The Texas Observer brings us the tale of a small place called Von Ormy, where the citizens voted themselves into a state of libertarian paralysis. [more]

  17. toniD says:
    August 7, 2017 at 1:05 pm
    …This might be the time to form a third party. What do you think?
    History and campaign finance indicate that the chances of a third party with strength are nearly nil.

    The two-party power base was strong, then Citizens United made it stronger.

    It is remotely possible that a third party push characterized by refusing Big Money could sway the two major parties to compete in the realm of eschewing Big Money.

    However, Big Money doesn’t need to pump money into a party of any kind. It can, under the guise of “educational and charitable purposes” gather and pump money into any effort it chooses. Like, say, crushing a Third Party in its nascent stages.

    Until campaign finance is restructured along with its evil twin, Citizens United, no third party has a snowball’s chance of growing.

    Obviously, the two major parties control any effort to legislate alterations of campaign finance, and Citizens United has given Big Money the power to influence the actions of the two major parties by funding propaganda campaigns for candidates, against candidates, and against campaign finance reform.

    If you thought a Third Party was a long shot before Citizens United, you know that a Third Party is ten times less likely to succeed after Citizens United.

  18. Exactly…

    Which is why passive and tacit support for bullshit candidates in the Dem party has become the unforgivable sin…

    If we have ANY hope of getting out of this mess we have to demand progressive candidates and mercilessly drag every single corporatist candidate the establishment tries to push through…

  19. toniD says:
    August 7, 2017 at 10:07 am
    …But every time they started to do so, Senate Republicans would improbably revive their push to repeal Obamacare — and Sanders’s team would postpone the launch of their “Medicare-for-all” campaign, according to aides to the Vermont senator…
    Wha-a-a-t? Bernie knows how the sausage is made? Could it be that Bernie understands the game after many years of playing it?

    You bet your ass he knows how the sausage is made.

  20. puleeze… he was being told to put off his Single Payer Bill push because GOP would try to use it as another argument for ObamaCare Repeal efforts… try to keep up….

  21. Filet Mignon…

    …a conspiracy of One… well, technically two… but Conyers and Sanders have been the only two consistently pushing single payer for a very very long time… while virtually the entire Dem Leadership have been talking out of both sides of their face while privately undermining and openly mocking and working against it all this time… to attribute it’s forward motion to anyone more than those two, and the demanding Leftist Mob is, at best magical thinking, and at worst sheer stupidity…

    Sanders ‘litmus test’ alarms Democrats
    Bernie Sanders’ single-payer plan sparks fears of primary election challenges.
    08/07/2017 06:20 PM EDT

  22. ….and Another Thing…

    this 55+ / High Risk Pool Medicare Buy in bullshit Dems are test-ballooning as an ObamaCare “Fix” is just another corporatist giveaway designed to dump the higher Insurance pay out costs onto the public network while allowing the private insurers to continue to reap the rewards of a healthier group… if that is part of your “sausage” then you are a fool…

  23. @cent:

    Sausage is a hickory smoked, pre-masticated maw of juicy delights.

    To know how and where the contents of the sausage came to be is a less-than-delectable bit of information. Think lips and assholes, for instance.

    Political sausage-making is awful. No ethical human being would delight in the end if the means were obvious.

    Bernie knows that fucking millions of people out of health care insurance is bad juju in his effort toward Single Payer legislation. So he made sausage…and he will continue to make more sausage when necessary.

    The Democratic Party did not “tell” him do anything. To claim that the Democratic Party “told [him] to put off his Single Payer Bill push” to which he then acquiesced is to slander the political savvy of Bernie Sanders.

    Sanders knows the political tides. He was a confirmed outsider who caucused with the Democrats for many years. He ain’t as easily pliable as you imply.

    Sanders knows when to push and when to back off. He does not need party operatives to instruct him to do so.

    And that is because Sanders knows how the sausage is made.

    Sanders will continue to speak at rallies and he will continue to speak with political colleagues and he will continue to try to grow a base of support for Single Payer healthcare.

    He will continue to make sausage in the same, slow, frustrating way that sausage has been made in countless governments across the globe for centuries.

    We can only hope that his ethical standards never waver.

  24. @Crank Bait:

    Thats not sausage… there is no process… that is just a life time of hard-headed sales, never taking no as a final answer, hawking the exact same product over and over and over… and outlasting the bastards…

    all of your references to sausage making up till this point have always implied or out right stated there was eleventy-dimensional chess going on with all parties involved to achieve a common outcome… and you impugned and ridiculed others for not recognizing that secret collusion as amateurish and immature… at the same time claiming a superior insight into the political process…

    You were wrong… Obama STILL does not support single payer… and neither do most of the the rest of the leadership… to falsely attribute anything other than that to their motives is disingenuous and naive…

    Sorry to rub your face in it, but you were an arrogant ass for a long time Crank, and you’ve got it coming…

  25. cent says:
    August 7, 2017 at 11:30 pm

    …all of your references to sausage making up till this point have always implied or out right stated there was eleventy-dimensional chess going on with all parties involved to achieve a common outcome…
    There is no implication of multi-dimensional chess in anything I have written this evening.

    Political sausage-making is always horse trading (in the least flattering sense) and often unethical (although not in this instance).

    Sanders traded a horse away—a horse that would have been slamming the ACA at a time when slamming the ACA would have provided support to the GOP’s means to an end—despite the fact that Sanders would have slammed, and has slammed, the ACA at all other times in support of Single Payer.

    That’s political sausage making. It ain’t three dimensional. It’s giving up something today to gain something tomorrow.

    If Sanders had been a politician on your long shit list of politicians in pursuit of a goal on another of your shit lists, you would be denigrating him for asking “How high?” when told to jump by Democratic Party operatives.

    You did not imply that. You stated it: “…he was being told to put off his Single Payer Bill push because GOP would try to use it as another argument for ObamaCare Repeal efforts.”

    I doubt that anyone told Sanders what to do. Sanders knew that he needed to back off so as not to aid and abet the GOP in its effort to buttfuck people who have a semblance of health care security under the ACA.

    Sanders is trying to help people, not hurt them. He knows that the contents of the sausage is not always as palatable as one might hope it to be.

    Incidentally: I never mentioned Obama. Nice try. There’s nothing like a pivot to reveal how desperate you are to win a point that you have already lost.

  26. Snap Out of It…

    You can replace the word “Iranian” in that statement with “Russian” or “Korean” or “Syrian” or “Iraqi” any other nationality on earth and it will still apply… we have to stop letting the assholes talk us into killing each other anymore…

  27. @Crank Bait:

    Incidentally: I never mentioned Obama.

    Wow… You are so completely full of fucking shit Crank… you’ve been spinning this Obama sausage yarn for years… here are a few of just the most recent…. even after it should have become obvious that Obama and the Dem Leadership couldn’t give a dry shit about Single Payer, you were still running your mouth about how this was all in his master plan… and how much smarter you were than everybody else…

    Some people, including me, like to believe that the Obama administration viewed the current Affordable Health Care Act as a political camel’s nose under the tent en route to a Single Payer system.

    The Purity Police don’t have a fucking clue of even a fraction of the intricacies involved in the sausage-making process

    The increasingly likely view is that Obama chose the soft road to get something, any-fucking-thing, passed regarding health care reform as a means to an end of Single Payer.

    …and you have also been saying for years that it is the “ideologues” like Sanders and his supporters who are fucking everything up by their zealotry and need to back off and let the sausage makers do their job… never giving him or his supporters an ounce of credit for any movement on the issue…. now suddenly you have him as the sole “sausage maker in chief” ?

    This was not done by Obama, or Pelosi, or Schumer, or Clinton or horse trading, or chess mastery or the fucking tooth-fairy… this was done by exactly they way you said it couldn’t be done… this was done by Sanders and the zealots fueling and fanning populist demand you moron… you were wrong… a lot… and now you want to change your story… how pathetically predictable…

    You really are just a loud-mouthed know-nothing blow-hard and a hopeless narcissistic ego-maniacal asshole sometimes… who will NEVER apologize or admit when he is wrong and has wronged someone else… and you always have been…

    just get the fuck out of my face… you are not worth wasting words on anymore…


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