Since Trump became President the news changes every hour. So does Trump!

Since the news has been non-stop since Trump became president, here is an open thread for us to post the changing news. Have at it! There’s been no end to the News and it’s usually all bad!

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  1. toniD says:
    July 23, 2017 at 11:53 am
    @Crank Bait: Bate News Service? Not Bait News Service?
    Bate News Service is the fake news subsidiary of Bait News Service.
    Or I forgot how to spell my screen name. One or the other.

  2. I Love it When a Plan Comes Together…

    …skipping to the punchline…

    Trump is killing the Republican Party
    By Joe Scarborough – WaPo OpEd


    I did not leave the Republican Party. The Republican Party left its senses. The political movement that once stood athwart history resisting bloated government and military adventurism has been reduced to an amalgam of talk-radio resentments. President Trump’s Republicans have devolved into a party without a cause, dominated by a leader hopelessly ill-informed about the basics of conservatism, U.S. history and the Constitution.

    America’s first Republican president reportedly said , “Nearly all men can stand adversity. But if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” The current Republican president and the party he controls were granted monopoly power over Washington in November and already find themselves spectacularly failing Abraham Lincoln’s character exam.

    It would take far more than a single column to detail Trump’s failures in the months following his bleak inaugural address. But the Republican leaders who have subjugated themselves to the White House’s corrupting influence fell short of Lincoln’s standard long before their favorite reality-TV star brought his gaudy circus act to Washington.

    When I left Congress in 2001, I praised my party’s successful efforts to balance the budget for the first time in a generation and keep many of the promises that led to our takeover in 1994. I concluded my last speech on the House floor by foolishly predicting that Republicans would balance budgets and champion a restrained foreign policy for as long as they held power.

    I would be proved wrong immediately.

    As the new century began, Republicans gained control of the federal government. George W. Bush and the GOP Congress responded by turning a $155 billion surplus into a $1 trillion deficit and doubling the national debt, passing a $7 trillion unfunded entitlement program and promoting a foreign policy so utopian it would have made Woodrow Wilson blush. Voters made Nancy Pelosi speaker of the House in 2006 and Barack Obama president in 2008.

    After their well-deserved drubbing, Republicans swore that if voters ever entrusted them with running Washington again, they would prove themselves worthy. Trump’s party was given a second chance this year, but it has spent almost every day since then making the majority of Americans regret it.

    The GOP president questioned America’s constitutional system of checks and balances. Republican leaders said nothing. He echoed Stalin and Mao by calling the free press “the enemy of the people.” Republican leaders were silent. And as the commander in chief insulted allies while embracing autocratic thugs, Republicans who spent a decade supporting wars of choice remained quiet. Meanwhile, their budget-busting proposals demonstrate a fiscal recklessness very much in line with the Bush years.

    Last week’s Russia revelations show just how shamelessly Republican lawmakers will stand by a longtime Democrat who switched parties after the promotion of a racist theory about Barack Obama gave him standing in Lincoln’s once-proud party. Neither Lincoln, William Buckley nor Ronald Reagan would recognize this movement.

    It is a dying party that I can no longer defend.

    Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Jon Meacham has long predicted that the Republican and Democrats’ 150-year duopoly will end. The signs seem obvious enough. When my Republican Party took control of Congress in 1994, it was the first time the GOP had won the House in a generation. The two parties have been in a state of turmoil ever since.

    In 2004, Republican strategist Karl Rove anticipated a majority that would last a generation; two years later, Pelosi became the most liberal House speaker in history. Obama was swept into power by a supposedly unassailable Democratic coalition. In 2010, the tea party tide rolled in. Obama’s reelection returned the momentum to the Democrats, but Republicans won a historic state-level landslide in 2014. Then last fall, Trump demolished both the Republican and Democratic establishments.

    Political historians will one day view Donald Trump as a historical anomaly. But the wreckage visited of this man will break the Republican Party into pieces — and lead to the election of independent thinkers no longer tethered to the tired dogmas of the polarized past. When that day mercifully arrives, the two-party duopoly that has strangled American politics for almost two centuries will finally come to an end. And Washington just may begin to work again.

  3. Single Payer or Bust…

    Amy Vilela a Nevada woman who lost her 22 y/o daughter because of an inability to produce proof of Heath Insurance coverage is primarying a member of the Progressive Caucus who refuses to support HR676…

  4. Trump leaves Sessions twisting in the wind while berating him publicly
    Washington Post 2h ago
    Trump Loyalist Bitch-Slapped Twice, Comes Back For More
    Bait News Service 1h ago

  5. Chris Fish
    7 hrs ·
    NOW he starts to get it….
    A little late Chuck.
    Aren’t you the same guy who said Dems should go after Midwest Republican voters and ignore the base?
    “For every vote we lose in PA, we’ll pick up two in WV”. Isn’t that what you said?
    Well, you were half right. You lost lots of votes in PA. That’s for damn sure.


    So Do We Know Where the Secretary of State Is?
    Rex Tillerson is “taking a little time off.”

    WASHINGTON—Oh, hell, why not one more little bit of weird-ass news on Tuesday, courtesy of Business Insider?

    When asked about the discrepancies between Tillerson’s public schedule and his reported movements, and why the department hadn’t updated the press on his whereabouts, Nauert said Tillerson “does have the ability to go away for a few days on his own.” “Just taking a little time off,” Nauert said of Tillerson’s unannounced absence. “He’s got a lot of work. He just came back from that mega-trip overseas, as you all well know — many of you were over there with the G-20.” Asked why she didn’t just say Tillerson was on vacation, Nauert said she didn’t know the standard protocol for listing private days. She said Matt Lee, a diplomacy writer for The Associated Press, would probably know.

    The hell? The Secretary of State is “taking a little time off,” and we don’t know where, and the State Department spokesperson doesn’t know if it counts as a vacation, but we should all ask the AP reporter if we want to know if the Secretary of State is on holiday on the company dime?

    Secretaries of State don’t normally “take a little time off” without notice. If this actually were Moscow in the old days, we’d be wondering why Tillerson didn’t go to the opera tonight. There is nothing normal about these people. Nothing at all.

  7. Satellite BeachLike Page
    July 17 at 9:06pm ·
    This is a photo a pilot took … Flying over a rainbow ❤️

    Photo Submitted By: Robert Wells

  8. The President had a great opportunity to inspire a large audience of youngsters… and instead spent his entire speech discussing politics, crowd sizes and his rich friend’s boating escapades.

  9. Oh Fer…

    …on “health care reform” too… they can’t get anything done…. here comes the meltdown and final destruction of the Tea Party GOP that will end with them blaming Trump and demanding his head on a plate… toldyaso.

    Now BOTH Parties are smoking holes in the ground and will be scrambling towards populism for 2018… this is not the time to be playing patty cake with the neolibs and corporatists… this is the time to keep kicking them in the balls and demanding a massive shift left on economics…

    …anything less on our part would be political malpractice…

    …unless I miss my guess, the Dems will stave off constituent demands for Single Payer (and the GOP will wipe some of the egg off their faces) by trading a tax cut for a public option… which, in my opinion was the original target goal when this whole kabuki started…

  10. @toniD:

    HAHAHA… “Money Laundering for the Mob”… now where have I heard that before… this will be how they nail him in the end… it always was…

  11. The blog has been getting some interesting visitors lately… this is the 3rd time this week I’ve seen visitors from Haliburton… last time it was from Texas… this time from NoVA… getting a little creepy…


    This Is How the Russian Kleptocracy Operates
    It can tell us something about what may have happened during the 2016 campaign.

    JUL 27, 2017

    WASHINGTON—There was a hearing on Wednesday called by the Senate Judiciary Committee. It ran for two hours. It was sparsely attended. There were few spectators and almost no media presence. There were hardly any senators. It was an extraordinarily important hearing, despite the fact that it occurred in a near vacuum. The only witness was a man named Bill Browder.

    Browder, it should be recalled, was the founder and CEO of Hermitage Capital Management, a hedge fund that did business in Russia and that was looted of $230 million by kleptocrats allied with Vladimir Putin in the largest case of tax fraud in Russian history. Browder and his firm were hauled into court by the Putin regime on a number of trumped-up charges. Some of his lawyers and associates were beaten in the streets. The company lawyer who discovered the massive pillaging was a guy named Sergei Magnitsky, and he was arrested and “died in custody,” that all-purpose fig-leaf used by corrupt cops from Moscow to Bagram to Homan Square in Chicago…

  13. @cent: Haven’t heard the name Halliburton since Bush was President. I haven’t been noticing who visited the blog lately. I used to check often before. We had visitors from Russia also. They leave when they can’t post anything.


    Donald Trump Animated Series From Stephen Colbert Headed to Showtime

    Donald Trump, the cartoon? Yes, it’s happening.

    Showtime has greenlit an animated satirical series centered on the Trump White House, Variety has learned. The show hails from executive producer Stephen Colbert.

    The untitled series will span 10 episodes, and will air this fall. Production will ramp up quickly and wrap close to the premiere date, in order to enable the show to stay relevant with current events and Trump’s continuing antics…

  15. I Recognize This Species…

    Cusinius New Yorkus…

    Scarramucci is just like so many other spoiled little Italian brats and wannabe mobster-tough-guys from Long Island who would come into the City once a week in their Daddyllacs to cop drugs or hang out in the clubs in Queens… more often than not they got rolled or sent home with their asses in a sling for mouthing off in the wrong bar… growing up, I had friends in my group that competed to see who could collect the most Christ Heads from guys like him…

    Anthony Scaramucci Called Me to Unload About White House Leakers, Reince Priebus, and Steve Bannon
    He started by threatening to fire the entire White House communications staff. It escalated from there.
    Ryan LizzaJuly 27, 2017
    4:52 PM

    “What I want to do is I want to fucking kill all the leakers and I want to get the President’s agenda on track so we can succeed for the American people,”

    “…nice gold chains you got there ‘Mooch’… I’ll fight you for them…”

  16. Per MSNBC

    Reince Priebus is no longer Chief of Staff at the WH. He was said to resign last night. Trump came on TV briefly to say Reince was a good man and he wishes him luck and Gen. John Kelly is the new Chief of Staff.

    Kelly is also the Secretary of Homeland Security.

  17. “Trump is moving toward an Independent WH, untethered from the Republican party.”

  18. @toniD:

    The Trump administration cannot be characterized as a circular firing squad.

    It is a monkey with a machine gun. It’s several monkeys with machine guns.


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