Since Trump became President the news changes every hour. So does Trump!

Since the news has been non-stop since Trump became president, here is an open thread for us to post the changing news. Have at it! There’s been no end to the News and it’s usually all bad!

827 thoughts on “Since Trump became President the news changes every hour. So does Trump!”

  1. “Trump Backers are the Problem” [(Hard Copy: Chicago Sun-Times Pg. 2) 7/14 ]
    Commentary by Neil Steinberg

    So I go to the corner to buy a racing form. On my way home, a neighbor runs up, shouting: “Your house is on fire!” I smile and tell him that no, it can’t be on fire. He is just trying to alarm me, reflecting his lingering malice because my tea roses placed higher than his in the All-Cook County Tea Rose Competition last summer.

    “No!” he cries. “Look at the smoke!” And sure enough, big billows of black smoke are rising from the direction of my house, a couple of blocks away.

    “That’s not smoke,” I chuckle. “That’s just dark clouds. Or if it’s smoke, how do I know it’s not the house behind mine that’s burning? Eh? Besides, what’s so bad about a little fire? Happens all the time.”

    Welcome to America, 2017. As satire does not always scan in a daily newspaper, I hasten to observe that I do not buy the daily racing form, nor cultivate tea roses, and my house did not burn.

    It’s our nation that is burning. Try to find an area that isn’t on fire. Congress pours gasoline on health care for millions of . . . .

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  2. Meteorologists say tropical storm Don not named for POTUS — but it’s ‘small’ and not ‘organized’
    New York Daily News 1h ago

  3. Can The Donald shit on Sessions and get away with it?

    Only Jefferson Beauregard knows for sure.

    “Suh, you have sullied mah honah.”

  4. This is my Representative from my District in Illinois. Thanks to him for doing this….

  5. @toniD:

    Still Waiting…

    …Liberals were showing early warning signs of snapping out of their MSM induced hypnotic trance… but they’re not quite there yet… still biting on exactly what the establishment is feeding them and still arguing it is about anything but economic policy…

    …meantime the Left has hardened in resolve and against the DNC for repackaging the same 3rd Way bullshit…

    things are not getting better for the Dems… and the clock is ticking…

  6. @cent: That’s worrying me. I don’t see the strength there yet. And we are going to need all our wits for this next election.

  7. I had a brief conversation about politics with the physician during a medical exam today.

    Among his acerbic comments was this one: “I owe an apology to the past few presidents.”

  8. AARP Illinois
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    This health care bill #AintNoFairyTale! Millions will be left uninsured. Tell your Senators to stand strong & #VoteNO

  9. @toniD:

    Later, The Donald marveled at Napoleon’s ice cream, “He made the three flavors line up in neat rows.”

  10. Kushner discloses additional $10M in assets
    Washington Post 13h ago
    Ivanka Drops Phone Between Couch Cushions, Finds Spare Change
    Bate News Service 1h ago


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