Since Trump became President the news changes every hour. So does Trump!

Since the news has been non-stop since Trump became president, here is an open thread for us to post the changing news. Have at it! There’s been no end to the News and it’s usually all bad!

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    The Most Interesting Story of the Day Has Nothing to Do with Trump
    The Hobby Lobby theocrats allegedly got greedy trying to stock their Museum of the Bible.

    Hobby Lobby’s purchase of the artifacts in December 2010 was fraught with “red flags,” according to the prosecutors. Not only did the company get conflicting information about the origin of the pieces, its representatives never met or spoke with the dealer who supposedly owned them, according to the complaint. Instead, on the instructions of a second dealer, Hobby Lobby wired payments to seven separate personal bank accounts, the prosecutors said. The first dealer then shipped the items marked as clay or ceramic tiles to three Hobby Lobby sites in Oklahoma. All of the packages had labels falsely identifying their country of origin as Turkey, prosecutors said.

  2. And here is one of the comments on this post in Facebook:

    Robert Suchor: Republicans have been remarkably successful for decades now while moving continually away from the center. Democrats, on the other hand, have tried to remain near the center ever since Bill Clinton. Result? A Republican POTUS, a Republican House, a Republican Senate, a Republican Supreme Court, and a majority of Republican governors. How can anyone be stupid enough to believe that Democrats will be successful by moving to (read: staying in) the center?

  3. @toniD:

    I saw it… Nina is not pulling her punches anymore… and now we got Clinton Lifers telling us we need to move ‘back to the center’… hahaha… watch as all of Bernie’s people turn it up a notch, take the gloves off and start going after some of these people hard in public…

    We need to keep the pressure on and get the Progressives in congress to start calling out the neolibs in the Leadership directly and personally… start an open civil war in the party…

    …all this while fighting the GOP and with the establishment calling for ‘unity”, at the same time…

    its going to get uglier and weirder…

  4. Daily Mail
    July 2 at 12:30pm ·
    Buzz Aldrin’s face when Donald J. Trump talks about space is absolutely hilarious 😂 🚀


    How Stupid Do They Think We Are?
    According to Rex Tillerson, Putin will try to make sure Putin stops meddling in our elections.

    …Vladimir Putin didn’t rise in the KGB, and survive the collapse of the Soviet Union to become his country’s presiding autocrat, by surrendering golden opportunities when they simply are handed to him. Now we are supposed to believe that, not only will Putin stop using tactics that worked so gloriously in 2016, but also that Putin will work with the president* to make sure Putin doesn’t get away with it the next time.

    I used to wonder how somebody could go broke running a casino. I don’t wonder that anymore.

  6. Justice Writers
    11 hrs ·
    “It becomes more obvious every day that we are where we are because something is very wrong with the GOP.
    We end up having mannered debates over whether to call the president’s dozens of lies lies. Meantime, America’s international prestige is eroding, its government is paralyzed, its friends are worried, its enemies emboldened.
    Enough. You will never find answers where you are scared to ask questions.”

  7. Had to share. This is too funny. And I am sure everyone heard the words of a song the wrong way…..

  8. …and Again…

    Dore and I have been on the exact same page, almost verbatim, since day one… and nothing has changed.


    How Much More Absurdity Can You Handle?
    The United States government is a shambles.

    JUL 11, 2017

    …When I went to bed Monday night, the hot revelation from The New York Times in which it was revealed that, back last summer, Junior had been told via email that the Russian government was trying actively to assist his father’s presidential campaign and to ratfck the campaign of Hillary Rodham Clinton. This was prior to the meeting arranged by Russian power-lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, which Junior attended with Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner, the revelation of which had been Sunday’s hot story. By the time I awoke on Tuesday morning, the Times had the text of the email itself. Wow, I thought. Junior’s going to have trouble slithering out from under this now. I sat down and prepared to write about this latest absurdity. Little did I know that Junior himself had sent the absurdity zooming into the bizarre and beyond.

    On the electric Twitter machine, for reasons known only to whatever pagan deity watches over this gang of grifters and fools, Junior had published the entire email chain, the contents of which, in any ordinary time, would have everybody involved being fitted for leg-irons, their room reservations at Leavenworth already booked…

  10. A snip from the article:

    Many individuals who follow politics and journalists think that the right-wing playbook began with the Koch brothers. However, in her groundbreaking book, Nancy MacLean traces their political strategy to a Southern economist who created the foundation for today’s libertarian oligarchy in the 1950s.

    Mark Karlin: Can you summarize the importance of James McGill Buchanan to the development of the modern extreme right wing in the United States?


    Christopher Wray Signifies America’s Thirst for Normalcy
    Or what passes for it, on both sides of the aisle.

    JUL 12, 2017

    …Four decades of deteriorating public trust in our government institutions, you say? That brings us back to, say, 1980, when a president in his first inaugural address told the nation that government wasn’t the solution, it was the problem, and everybody cheered. Ever since, one of our two major political parties has made dinner out of that notion—that government is an alien entity, that government is a repository of everything that’s corrupt and incompetent about the country, and that government is Them and not Us. Of course, last November, that view of the country came to its final apotheosis when the voters installed the president* whose antics have so Seriously Troubled the young senator from Nebraska that he practically was begging Christopher Wray to bail out his fragile faith in our public institution…

    People who forget that Ronnie created a false narrative—that Government Cannot Do Anything Correctly or Useful—also forget how destructive the narrative is.

    Government is us. We are The Society. Government is the governing arm of The Society, which is us.

    Ronnie Reagan sucked. History (actual, bipartisan, thoroughly-examined history) is viewing Ronnie’s reign less and less kindly. Ronnie’s historical legacy will not be fully and accurately written until long after I am dead.

    Nonetheless, Ronnie sucked. He sold the idea that Government Sucks. Too many people bought it.

    Government can suck. More often than not, it is inadequate and self-interested. Government is populated by people who are inadequate and self-interested. Get used to it. Power corrupts people. People hold positions in government.

    Sui generis. Ipso facto. Res ipsa loquitur. Get used to it.

    But Government is not the problem. And it can do many things right. It has done many things right. Like provide The Society with schools where people learn to read, write and add numbers.

    If it could not do many things correctly, The Society would have ditched its arm, known as Government, long ago.

    Fuck Ronald Reagan and his anti-intellectual, self-defeatists spawn.

    Wanna argue against my thesis? Try this on for size:


    …A Pew Research Center survey published Monday revealed voters have grown apart in their support of secondary education since the 2016 presidential election season, when a majority of Democratic and Republican Americans agreed the nation’s universities serve as a benefit for the U.S. Whereas 54 percent of Republicans said “colleges and universities had a positive impact on the way things were going in the country” in 2015, the majority now believe the opposite, with 58 percent saying such institutions negatively impact the state of the union…

    Give your thanks to Ronnie. He’s the Alzheimer’s addled progenitor who set the trend: Government cannot do anything right, including providing access to learning stuff.

  12. @toniD:

    It interested me when a New York Times editor charged with organizing reporters doing the search for Trump administration operatives who had contacts with Russians said the following.

    Two independently-contacted, anonymous sources who are operatives within the Trump administration said the same thing using the same wording: Donald Trump, Jr. is an idiot.

    I get that “idiot” is commonly used to describe someone who is less than adequate in his or her position. The Peter Principle immediately comes to mind.

    On the other hand, “idiot” is also commonly used to describe someone you wouldn’t assign to feed your dogs while you are out of town for the weekend.

  13. Happy Bastille Day…

    An annual reminder to the proles and Elite that in the end, the assholes always lose…

    To. The. Barricades…

  14. @toniD:

    Trump fluffers like Hannity should never criticize hairstyles unless they want to draw attention to the ferret living on Donald’s head.


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