Our New BIG Worry in this Insane Election

The stress of this election this year is felt by almost everyone and not just in our Country. The stressor is the GOP Candidate for President, Donald Trump. He’s not only stressing out the other Candidates for President, the Democratic Party and recently the Republican Party, but also many Nations of the World. The only person, it seems, that is not stressed by Trump is the leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin. More on him later.

The New Big Worry is what Trump’s followers will do if and when Trump loses, which is a good bet right now. Trump has been whipping up his supporters from the start by attacking the minorities, Immigrants, Mexicans, Muslims, Women, Blacks. He’s even found a way to tear down Veterans, people with disabilities and anyone who is against him, recently the Media. And all this in front of cheering crowds of a mixture of people at his rallies. The mixture includes members of the KKK, White Supremacists and Neo Nazis along with a great amount of bigoted people who have been suppressed for years and have surfaced recently with our first Black President.

Now Mr. Trump is losing in the polls and is whipping up his supporters by telling them the election system is rigged. Because he is losing! His ego won’t allow him to see that he is the only reason he is losing this election. So at his rallies he blames Hillary Clinton and the Democrats and also, now, the Republicans who are all working against him. He’s whipping his supporters up to the point that his supporters are now threatening armed rebellion.

Trump wants his supporters to go to polling places and make sure that Buses full of immigrants, sent by Hillary or the Democrats, can’t vote at the polls.

From the Boston Globe: Warnings of Conspiracy Stokes Anger among Trump Faithful

At a time when trust in government is at a low point, Trump is actively stoking fears that a core tenet of American democracy is also in peril: that you can trust what happens at the ballot box.

His supporters here said they plan to go to their local precincts to look for illegal immigrants who may attempt to vote. They are worried that Democrats will load up buses of minorities and take them to vote several times in different areas of the city. They’ve heard rumors that boxes of Clinton votes are already waiting somewhere.

And if Trump doesn’t win, some are even openly talking about violent rebellion and assassination, as fantastical and unhinged as that may seem.

Here’s Bill Maher talking with Fareed Zacaria on CNN about Donald Trump and his followers:

What do you think? Will we have problems with Trump’s supporters after the election?

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  1. @toniD:

    Yep… West is right on the money… Doing right over an extended period of time is extremely difficult… and self denial is just not in the DNA of most ambitious people… people who can withstand the temptation are rare…

    reminds me of a line from the movie The Big Fix…

    Howard Eppis: You know why nobody lasts as a Revolutionary in this country? Because its like being a spoil-sport at an orgy…. all those goodies spread out in front of you and you feel like a shit when you say ‘no’…

    it’s a good argument for term limits… pick’em when they are still idealists and dump’em before the system can corrupt them…

  2. Social Security Works
    1 hr ·

    Following the press conference next Wednesday, seniors and activists will deliver over 1,000,000 of your petitions to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell demanding that they keep their hands off our earned Medicare benefits. Add your name at: http://bit.ly/2gytPFz

    Senators Schumer and Sanders to Hold “Hands Off Medicare” Press Conference

    Nobody voted to destroy Medicare. In fact, Trump ran on a pledge not to touch it. But Speaker Ryan has already announced plans to abolish the program through privatization.
    socialsecurityworks.org|By Linda

  3. CNN Politics
    3 hrs ·

    “I cannot go to [the] inauguration of a man who’s going to appoint people to the Supreme Court and turn back the clock on women and turn back the clock on immigrants and the safety and freedom that we fought for them,” Congressman Luis V. Gutierrez tells CNN.

    Illinois lawmaker vows to boycott inauguration over Trump’s ‘bigotry’
    http://www.cnn.com|By Eugene Scott

    Jamil Smith ‏@JamilSmith 5h5 hours ago Brooklyn, NY

    “By taking such a cavalier attitude to these calls, he’s encouraging people not to take him seriously.” https://t.co/24THNvrO7V

    Taegan Goddard ‏@politicalwire 6s6 seconds ago

    Trump’s Stock Holdings Are Another Conflict https://t.co/Cz9JHgbvsz

    Kurt Eichenwald ‏@kurteichenwald 23h23 hours ago

    It’s official: The Stein vote in PA, WI and MI was bigger than Trump’s margin of victory. Protest votes landed Trump in the White House.

    George Takei ‏@GeorgeTakei 20h20 hours ago

    The Trump Campaign is seeking to block the recount in Michigan through legal objections. One has to ask: WHY ARE THEY WORRIED?

    The New York Times Verified account @nytimes

    Breaking News: Trump’s supporters filed legal challenges to recounts in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan https://t.co/EqyZnXBFKN

    Ari Berman ‏@AriBerman 2h2 hours ago

    Ari Berman Retweeted The New York Times

    Trump claimed massive voter fraud without evidence but is now opposing efforts to accurately count all the votes

  4. David Corn ‏@DavidCornDC 2h2 hours ago

    Trump announces Strategic and Policy Forum full of corporate elites who will advise him. Look who’s normalizing Trump.

  5. Social Security Works
    5 hrs ·

    Pressure from the American people is having an effect – Senate Republicans are running scared and expressing reluctance to pass Paul Ryan’s plan to destroy Medicare by privatizing it.

    But that does not mean that they won’t ultimately vote for the Ryan plan or other Medicare cuts. Now is the time to redouble our fight!

    GOP’s Medicare plans run into wall in the Senate

    Top Republicans express reluctance to push forward on partially privatizing health care for seniors.

  6. God Bless the United States
    1 hr ·

    “The 2016 election is not final until the electors of the Electoral College meet (in their respective state capitals) and vote on December 19, 2016. Under the U.S. Constitution they are obligated to vote only for a candidate who is fit for office. To this end, each elector may vote as a “faithless elector”. The faithless elector option was included by the founding fathers as a safeguard against the situation we now find ourselves in – when a highly unfit person is about to be… See More

    Federal Registrar of the U.S. Electoral College: Did you know that there is still a way to elect Hillary Clinton to the White House?

  7. I have to start planning a new topper. We filled this one up.

    So much to write about.

    Maybe I’ll put up an open thread til I get an idea of a topic.

  8. David Corn
    3 hrs ·

    A US president who owes hundreds of millions of dollars to foreign banks, including one the DOJ has fined for wrongdoing? Yes.

    Trump has a huge foreign bank problem—and it’s a big conflict of interest
    It’s not what he owns; it’s what he owes.


    Daily Kos
    58 mins ·

    The Trump legal team is saying “nothing to see here, folks, and it’s an outrage you’d even ask” at the same time as Trump and a host of his surrogates are claiming massive voter fraud.

    What are these people afraid of?

    Trump team seems weirdly afraid of recounts in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin

    Lawyers for Donald Trump or the Republican Party are now trying to block the recounts in all three states in which Jill Stein has requested them—Michigan, Wisconsin, and…

  9. Shit’s heating up… Everybody in for everybody, not at each other… and instead, focused on the Oligarchy as the cause and beneficiary of all our troubles… This will make the establishment shit themselves… THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN SCREAMING ABOUT FOR MY ENTIRE ADULT LIFE!!!

  10. @cent: Wow! Good!

    Obama is still President!! He’s done nothing for the people but halt it for a few days.

    I like his T-Shirt “To protect against enemies, Foreign and Domestic.”

    It’s definitely a Domestic issue now.

    The People against the Oligarchy $$$$$$$!

  11. Daily Kos
    45 mins ·

    Thank you, Senator Reid.

    Harry Reid on the floor of the U.S. Senate: I stand with those at Standing Rock

    Senator Harry Reid took to the Senate floor today to show his support for the peaceful resolution to the protests surrounding the Dakota Access Pipeline.…


    Women For Justice
    2 hrs ·

    For the first time, Donald Trump has said he supports finishing construction of the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline, which is currently being held up by both the Obama administration and (more significantly) massive protests near an Indian reservation in North Dakota.

    #NoDAPL #WaterIsLife

    Women For Justice

    Shocking no one, Trump endorses the Dakota Access Pipeline

    Trump says his support “has nothing to do with his personal investments” — after reports that he has a financial stake in the project.
    vox.com|By Brad Plumer


    Pardon Snowden
    Sponsored ·

    The Senate staffers who helped uncover shocking abuses of power in the 1970s have formally asked President Obama and Attorney General Lynch to show leniency to Edward Snowden.

    Church Committee staffers urge leniency for Edward Snowden

    Former Senate staffers who investigated government surveillance in the 1970s have called on President Obama and Attorney General Lynch to show leniency to Edward…

  12. @toniD:

    Trump says his support “has nothing to do with his personal investments”

    Every single decision he makes will be tied to his investments and ripped apart by enemies on both sides of the aisle… for his entire term.

  13. @toniD:

    Thank you, Senator Reid.

    …and just before Election Day… typical Clintonesques horseshit…

    ‘What a Crock’: Clinton Breaks DAPL Silence With Statement That Says ‘Literally Nothing’
    Response comes the same day militarized police forcibly cleared hundreds of water protectors from protest site
    by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
    Friday, October 28, 2016

    the difference here is if Clinton had been elected, Hillary supporters in Congress and apologists on the “Left” would be closing ranks and protecting her the same way OBots did Obama for the last 8 years… so, Reid (and probably Frankin) says nothing, the Left would, again, be split and bickering, and the Oligarchy wins without a fight…

  14. @cent: Yes, and read this….

    Trump may have just provoked a diplomatic incident with China
    By Laura Clawson

    Donald Trump’s phone call with Tsai Ying-wen, the president of Taiwan, was not like other phone calls with foreign leaders, even by the appalling standard Trump has been setting so far:

    The telephone call, confirmed by three people, is believed to be the first between a US president or president-elect and a leader of Taiwan since diplomatic relations between the two were cut in 1979.

    Although it is not clear if the Trump transition team intended the conversation to signal a broader change in US policy towards Taiwan, the call is likely to infuriate Beijing which regards the island as a renegade province.

    The Taiwanese president ran on a platform of independence from China, so Trump’s action here is likely to be especially provoking to Beijing. And then there’s this, from November:

    The mayor of Taoyuan confirmed rumors on Wednesday that US president-elect Donald Trumpwas considering constructing a series of luxury hotels and resorts in the northwest Taiwanese city.

    A representative from the Trump Organization paid a visit to Taoyuan in September, expressing interest in the city’s Aerotropolis, a large-scale urban development project aimed at capitalizing on Taoyuan’s status as a transport hub for East Asia, Taiwan News reports.

    Quite a record Trump is putting together:

    Dave Lawler @DavidLawler10

    Trump has now 1. worried India by saying he’d visit Pakistan 2.invited Duterte to DC 3. angered China by speaking w Taiwan pres. In two days
    3:45 PM – 2 Dec 2016

    But hey, he might become the first U.S. president to open a resort in Taiwan, and if that doesn’t contribute to American greatness, I don’t know what will. [end]

  15. Random Thought…

    Children who were Toddlers and Preschoolers during 911 are now old enough to fight in the same wars their parents did…

  16. Dan Rather and 2 others shared a link.

    Trump speaks with Taiwanese president, a major break with decades of U.S. policy on China

    The call is the first known contact between a U.S. president or president-elect with a…
    washingtonpost.com|By Anne Rumsey Gearan

    Dan Rather
    1 hr ·

    I have said before that there are no training wheels to becoming president, and we may have seen the effects of that today.

    Reports are ricocheting across the news media and the diplomatic world that Donald Trump has become the first United States President or President-elect to speak directly with the leader of Taiwan in decades.

    There is no bigger touchstone to the stability of the far rim of the Pacific than the issue of Taiwan. We do not yet know what precipitated this apparent gross breach of established American protocol, but the damage may already have been done. This is deeply serious business. You can expect that the government in Beijing is burning up the trans-Pacific communications with some version of “what the hell is going on?” They will likely make their displeasure, if not fury, known very quickly.

    There’s is nothing would concern the Mainland Chinese more than to have a suspicion that American foreign policy will change. We can guess that this was something Trump and his advisors didn’t think through. Or maybe it was meant to be provocative. Regardless, someone needs to tell the President-elect that this isn’t some “reality-show” that you can fix in the editing room.

    [And now Chris Hayes and Rachel are talking about it!]

  17. My neighbor was over. She doesn’t like Fox news so when her husband puts it on she comes over to my place.

  18. @toniD:

    hahaha… you keep stirring up shit in your building and you are going to have to start taking them in…

    Welcome to Toni D’s Safe House for Homeless Progressives….

  19. @toniD:

    It is going to be a loooonnnnnngggg 2 months for POTUS…

    I can hear him on the phone in the Oval now…. “Yes… I know what he said was dumb… but… Xi… Xi… Xi… calm down… I can’t threaten to cane him in public… we don’t do that here… Well, okay… I’ll try… but I’d have to figure out how to get him to Cuba first…”

  20. Esquire Politics
    9 hrs ·

    Dear leader tours the nation holding raucous rallies for the worshipping faithful.

    Get Used to This Phrase During the Trump Years: American Authoritarianism

    esquire.com|By Charles P. Pierce


    Joy Reid
    Yesterday at 1:42pm ·

    We’ll be tackling Dem tactics this weekend during Joy’s Democratic Boot Camp! While Warren pushes her colleagues, Joy will help us all get tough and fight back. Join AM JOY this Saturday, 10 AM ET for more on MSNBC.


    November 2016 Ratings: MSNBC Sees Most Cable News Growth

    Unfortunately Morning Joe got more viewers….Yech.

    Good news is All In and AM Joy and Lawrence and of course Rachel did well in November. Check the link.

  21. @toniD:

    Good news is All In and AM Joy and Lawrence and of course Rachel did well in November. Check the link.

    Meh… In the recesses of my memory I can hear Grandma’s voice warning… “All that television is going to rot your brain….”

  22. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2016/12/02/yes-you-can-blame-millennials-for-hillary-clintons-loss/?utm_term=.8caa6980e0d7#comments

    Yes, you can blame millennials for Hillary Clinton’s loss

    Hillary Clinton’s campaign has lots of excuses for losing. There’s the electoral college, James Comey, the media’s alleged over-exuberance in digging into Clinton’s email server, etc. But Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook said Thursday that one particular group is especially to blame: millennials.

    As Karen Tumulty and Philip Rucker reported from the big election postmortem at Harvard on Thursday night:

    Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook also acknowledged that her operation had made a number of mistakes and miscalculations, while being buffeted by what he repeatedly described as a “headwind” of being an establishment candidate in a season where voters were anxious for change.

    He noted, for example, that younger voters, perhaps assuming that Clinton was going to win, migrated to third-party candidates in the final days of the race.

    Where the campaign needed to win upward of 60 percent of young voters, it was able to garner something “in the high 50s at the end of the day,” Mook said. “That’s why we lost.”

    I’ll admit I was skeptical. Young people often get blamed for not showing up to vote; they’re an easy target that way. What’s more, just before the election, polls indicated that young voters — who had previously shunned Clinton — were actually rallying to her in a big way.

    Digging into the numbers, however, Mook has a point…
    Smart phone radiation takes its toll.

  23. http://www.businessinsider.com/pluto-subsurface-ocean-2016-12

    Pluto is hiding a gigantic liquid ocean you would never, ever want to swim in

    …Steven Vance, an astrobiologist and geophysicist at NASA JPL, previously told us Pluto’s ocean might contain “alcohols (methanol, ethanol), hydrocarbons (methane, ethane), and more complex molecules made from [carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, and oxygen] that are so abundant on Pluto.” …

    … But Bill McKinnon, one of the authors of the latest study in Nature, thinks it’s also laced with a noxious chemical found in bottles of window cleaner: ammonia.

    “New Horizons has detected ammonia as a compound on Pluto’s big moon, Charon, and on one of Pluto’s small moons. So it’s almost certainly inside Pluto,” McKinnon said in a Washington University in St. Louis press release. “What I think is down there in the ocean is rather noxious, very cold, salty and very ammonia-rich — almost a syrup.” …

    Like Flint, Michigan but farther.

  24. http://www.esquire.com/news-politics/politics/news/a51199/mattis-trump/

    The James Mattis I Saw Behind Closed Doors
    He can be calm and reasoned. He can also be the opposite.

    By Robert Bateman Dec 2, 2016

    …Sure, Mattis can be calm and reasoned. Indeed, I have seen him at his intellectual best in this regard. At one point, when I worked in a very small office that reported straight to the SECDEF on new ideas, concepts, tools and visions about war, I coordinated a meeting between Mattis and my boss. It was a low-key affair. There were just four of us sitting around the table; my boss, Mattis, his own pocket strategist, and myself. I had a favorable impression of him going into that get-together. Afterwards, I decided that I liked him. But I have come to a few conclusions about the current situation.

    First, I think he is going to puke trying to run the Pentagon. It is not just that he is not generally inclined to being bound to a desk and wrestling with political inter-service infighting. I suspect that Mattis is going to run afoul of his own civilian subordinates, specifically the hundreds of Trump boosters who will be injected under him politically within the Pentagon system…

  25. The following Pierce post made me laugh in several places. The correlation of Fox News, the South and pachycephalosaurids (which means “thick-headed lizards”) is particularly tickling.

    Also funny is the quip from the reader/commenter who spotted the irony in the appetizers served up to Donald Trump and Mitt Romney:

    Good lord, they’re eating Pepe’s children … oh, the humanity!

    Hot New Trend: Being Mad About Winning
    Dispatches from the world’s greatest democracy.

  26. Dems and their “usual-suspect” punditry arrogantly blowing off this election loss like it never happened is pretty disconcerting… they need to get their poop in a group and start making some hard populist policy shifts fast, because denial is definitely not going to work…. Doubling Down on and simply repackaging the same centrist policy strategy will end up blowing up in their face and could very well hand the GOP a Super-Majority in the Senate in 2018….

    Dems have 23 Senate seats coming up in 2018… 10 of them are in states where Trump beat Hillary, and 6 of those 10 are in states Romney also won in 2012…

    The establishment Dems and MSM can close their eyes and pretend that Hillary won the election all they want, but putting their fingers in their ears and repeating “she won the popular vote” over and over is not going to magically turn all those upcoming red states blue… betting with the odds of a probable total Trumpocalypse meltdown alone might payoff, but it is just not worth the risk… if it turns out the same arrogant Dem Leadership are misreading this situation (again), or Trump and the GOP majority somehow manage hold it together and cooperate long enough to pull a populist policy rabbit out of the hat (massive infrastructure bill springs to mind), and/or the Dems can’t find the frequency to finally get their lost base reignited and turnout keeps dropping, then we are totally screwed…

    …and make no mistake, if the GOP holds the House and wins a Senate super-majority, they will not play kumbaya nice-nice the way Obama did in 2009… they will open the Gates of Hell…

  27. TomDispatch
    10 hrs ·

    Timothy Egan on the Bundy standoff and the Standing Rock standoff.

    “For most of this past week, a winter storm has lashed at the North Dakota prairie camp where the Standing Rock Sioux are making a stand to keep an oil pipeline away from water that is a source of life for them…. See More

    Fake Cowboys and Real Indians

    As Western standoffs go, the Bundy brothers episode featured comic book cowboys. But for the Standing Rock Sioux, a pipeline is an existential threat.
    nytimes.com|By Timothy Egan

  28. The Norman Goldman Show
    6 hrs ·

    So, #MinorityPresident runs around for weeks before the election, saying it’s rigged and fixed. And his sycophantic supporters drool their approval and roar their hatred for this rigged and fixed system. Then, he proves it, by “winning” while clearly losing. Then, he alleges further rigging, by claiming millions of illegal votes – thus further tarnishing the system that supposedly “elected” him. Now, he is trying to stop the recounts which would help clarify whether the rigging and fixing happened. Instead of supporting the recounts, he opposes them. The system IS rigged – someone this dumb could not be elected legitimately!

    Trump and supporters ask courts to halt or block 3 state recounts
    President-elect Donald Trump and his supporters went to court Friday to prevent or halt election recounts in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, less than two…
    latimes.com|By Associated Press

  29. How many times, in how many different points in History must we learn and relearn this lesson before it finally embeds into our survival DNA…?

    “They are political parasites feeding on people’s concerns and worsening conditions, blaming the most vulnerable for society’s ills instead of offering a way for taking back real control of our lives from the elites who serve their own interests… but unless progressive parties and movements break with a failed economic and political establishment, it is the siren voices of the populist far right who will fill that gap.” ~ Corbin

    Corbyn: far right are ‘parasites feeding on people’s concerns’

    …it is not the Trumps of the World who are the true culprits, it is those who maintain policies which cause the political and economic conditions that make Trumps inevitable…

  30. @cent:

    Another good one !

    VeteranStandingRock Retweeted
    stephen almy ‏@viperpilot08 9h 9 hours ago
    Night mission complete on turtle island. Razor wire removed and
    confiscated boats reclaimed. #VeteranStandingRock #NoDAPL

    VeteranStandingRock ‏@VeteranStand 1h 1 hour ago

    cash.me/$VeteranStand is working =
    money isn’t being rejected! donation now
    goes directly to a credit card number that
    can buy supplies


    VeteranStandingRock Retweeted
    Michael A. Wood Jr. ‏@MichaelAWoodJr 52m 52 minutes ago
    Still waiting for your call, Sheriff. Everyone else is on same page but you.
    Do you want problems? Seems like it. #VeteranStandingRock

  31. Robert Davis @rwdcsw
    @VeteranStand urgent supply, coordination,
    transportation of 2,000 vets thousands of miles
    in days? Rapid deployment first, accounting
    8:03 AM – 3 Dec 2016

  32. @Crank Bait:


    Such chemicals could act like an antifreeze, making Pluto’s frigid, sub-freezing waters more slushy than liquid. The compounds might also form the chemical basis for life and consumable energy.

    [ astronomical scientific discovery, thanks ] : )

  33. Joy Reid
    2 hrs ·

    Some people don’t think Donald Trump’s call with Taiwan was a very big deal, but former governor Howard Dean explains how it could actually result in U.S. military intervention. We hope you’re watching AM JOY, #reiders. Weigh in below

  34. stephen almy Retweeted
    “The government of North Dakota has become a rogue state. Their
    police force is rogue.” @joshfoxfilm on @RT_America @RT_America youtube.com/watch?v=035eaQ…

    LET GO AND LOVE DOC Retweeted
    Sandra Steingraber ‏@ssteingraber1 15h 15 hours ago
    Great interview w USAF vet headed to #StandingRock. She’s 60 y.o.,
    served in White House, and says she has an oath to uphold. Et tu,

  35. Robert Reich
    56 mins ·

    President Obama must order the Army Corps of Engineers and the Interior Department to permanently stop construction of a critical section of the Dakota Access pipeline that would burrow underneath a dammed section of the Missouri River that Native American tribes say sits near sacred burial sites and would threaten its supply of clean water. There isn’t much time. Trump said yesterday he supports finishing the pipeline.

    Meanwhile, the government has given protesters – including thousands of tribal members, veterans, and activists — until Monday to leave. The main camp sits on federal lands that people at the camps say should rightfully belong to the Standing Rock Sioux under the terms of an 1851 treaty. Veterans’ groups are hoping to bring 2,000 Native and non-Native veterans to Standing Rock over the weekend to support the protesters.

    Yesterday Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch said she had asked Justice Department officials who handle tribal-justice issues and community policing, as well as the United States attorney for North Dakota, to help mediate. Mediating isn’t enough. There’s no good reason why federal lands should be used to enrich a private oil pipeline company, especially when they encroach on sacred grounds of Native Americans and threaten their water supplies. President Obama should stop the pipeline. Now.

    What do you think?

    Standing Rock Pipeline Protesters, Ordered to Leave, Dig In

    “I ain’t going nowhere,” one man said as he and fellow protesters on the frozen prairie prepared for what they believe may be their last stand.
    nytimes.com|By Jack Healy


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