Election and Super Tuesday Open Thread

Since I won’t be here all day March 15, I’ll be an Election Judge at my polling place, here’s a new thread to fill.

Chicago did it! The Chicago Melting Pot of Minorities, Races, Religions and Genders got together to protest Donald Trump’s hate filled rallies and were able to shut it down. There are more Trump hate filled rallies planned. Will people continue to try to shut them down?

Remember this from a very wise man in history:

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  1. Bill Moyers
    7 hrs ·

    “You could almost say that voter suppression and manipulation is hard-wired into the modern Republican Party – from the early 1960s, when William Rehnquist, then an attorney and Republican activist and later Supreme Court chief justice, was accused of patrolling Arizona polling places and intimidating black and Latino voters; to the 2000 Supreme Court coup d’état awarding the election to George W. Bush by denying Florida voters their choice; to the Supreme Court gutting the Voting Rights Act in 2013 by invalidating the provision that required certain jurisdictions to get federal approval for new election laws,” — Neal Gabler

  2. @toniD: non, no, no. nobody’s fault. its just when an app gets a long running set of data, depending on who wrote the platform, you can get quirkly behaviour. i say blame it on the off shore developers who have destroyed the american software industry.


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