Democratic National Convention 2016 Open Thread

It’s the Democrats turn for their convention this week July 25-28 2016 in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, Pa.

The Drama, pre Convention, was the Release of the DNC emails by Wikileaks. These emails show that the DNC and the Hillary Campaign were working together against Bernie Sanders. The head of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz seems to be at the center of what some people are calling the rigging of the Democratic Primary and the released emails show that this happened. Debbie was dismissed as head of the convention and the DNC and was promptly hired by the Hillary campaign. So after a week of Drama with Trump antics at the Republican National Convention, we are in for another week of infighting at the Democratic National Convention. This has been a years for BAD Surprises.

Bernie Sanders and his followers are coming back in the spotlight and there is much talk about a Third Party, a strong Third Party which might actually be the outcome of this election.

What will happen next in this year of strange surprises?

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  1. Hillary Clinton’s Drug Plan is a Win for Seniors

    Government Would Act Against Unfair and Monopolistic Business Practices

    Richard Fiesta, Executive Director of the Alliance for Retired Americans, released the following statement regarding the release of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s new prescription drug plan:

    “Hillary Clinton’s new plan to combat unfair, unjustified prescription drug price hikes is a win for seniors and consumers.

    “When a pharmaceutical corporation decides to pad its profit by exponentially raising prices on medicines that have been on the market for years, retirees are the first victims and the hardest hit. These corporations know that seniors need these drugs to stay alive, and don’t care if people are forgoing food or other necessities to pay for them.

    “It’s time to level the playing field. By directing the government to take swift action against unfair and monopolistic business practices, the Clinton plan helps both seniors and taxpayers. We strongly support this proposal.”


    Here’s the link to her Drug Plan:


    Hillary Clinton believes we need to promote competition and leverage our nation’s bargaining power to lower drug costs on behalf of Americans. Hillary Clinton believes that we need to hold drug companies accountable to lower drug costs for Americans. And this isn’t a new fight for her. She fought against special interests for affordable health coverage in the 1990s and as a Senator. In her 2008 campaign, she called for allowing Medicare to negotiate with drug companies to reduce prices and rein in costs. She’s been committed to this fight throughout her career, and is continuing it today.


  2. cent says:
    September 2, 2016 at 6:44 pm
    I have always admired Charlie Pierce’s style… but lately, the effort required to give Charlie the benefit of the doubt on all his low-balling Hillary’s screw-ups is beginning to become an effort…
    When every favorable comment about Hillary Clinton is irritating, the core of the irritation is unlikely to rest in everyone who has made a favorable comment about Hillary Clinton.

  3. In the Memetimes:

    Episode 11 – So many topics, so little time
    Sep 2, 2016

    Finally, a week not totally filled with election drivel, but where to start? What about the stories suggesting the 2016 election could be hacked? What about the sweetheart deal Ireland made with Apple? Now that we know it’s OK not to end the podcast on a happy note, what about the capitalists now having total control of the planet? C’mon and listen up, there still are plenty laughs to be had. We’d love to hear your comments..


    Our podcast recording this week had a little technical drama but being the savvy podcasters we are, we worked though it. See if you can find the spot where the podcast unexpectedly ended and restarted. Someone may be up for “The Best Edited Podcast Interruption” of 2016, if there were such a thing.

    We loved to hear your input. Thanks to Michele Happe and Bill Toth it’s an action packed half hour!

  4. Bernie Sanders
    59 mins ·

    It is an outrage that big corporations, who are reporting record-high profits, still try to use loopholes and tax havens to avoid paying their fair share.

    This is the kind of corporate behavior that is destroying the middle class of this country. This is the kind of corporate behavior that, together, we must end.

    Please don’t tell anyone, but tax cheating is about to rise in the U.S.
    IRS budget cuts are one of six reasons why.|By Catherine Rampell

  5. @toniD:

    I commented over on the podcast webpage, not showing, maybe too long?
    Must be approved first? CAPTCHA not working?

    I agree with Bill, the 0.1 % can own their own Army to protect their castles, and do not care about the rest of us or the planet.
    They have had control of the major media for decades, and have been able to keep challengers like Bernie Sanders off of, and out of the media, most of the time.
    And because the broadcast media has been loaded up with entertainment programing and a commercial advertisements, most people are probably unable to think clearly, or do not want to.
    Also I think too many people with White Privlidge still have an emotional attachment to “The American Way”, and continue to deny that there might be anything sinister going on behind the scenes. These people will continue to vote for Status Quo, middle of the road, establishment candidates. Too many people are just afraid of taking a leap and supporting candidates who understand there is a systemic change that is needed. And if by chance we are lucky enough to get a once in a lifetime strong progressive like Bernie Sanders, he is taken out by Election Fraud,
    or other forces of the established 0.1 % , that we the people have no control of.
    The Uber Rich are Rich and in control because they were given Tax cuts during the 80’s that are still in place. Never should have happened.

  6. Milwaukee Police Forcibly Arrested Two Men Last Night for Doing Nothing Wrong. They Got a Surprise When One Was A State Rep and the Other Was From the ACLU.

    Last night in the Sherman Park area, Milwaukee police officers in riot gear wrongfully arrested two men for no good reason. But this time, the men they arrested had the means to demand their rights and were released. The men were Jarrett English, an organizer at the ACLU of Wisconsin, and State Representative Jonathan Brostoff.

    At about 9:30 p.m., a handful of people, including Mr. English and Rep. Brostoff, stood on the northeast corner of Sherman Boulevard and Auer Avenue, observing a large contingent of police officers who had blocked off Auer on the west side of Sherman. The street has been the gathering place for community members since the fatal police shooting of Sylville Smith on August 13.

    Numerous officers then forcibly arrested Mr. English as he was walking away as instructed. He was handcuffed, forced to the ground, involuntarily searched, and placed in a police van with Rep. Brostoff. After officials became aware that they had arrested a state legislator, the two were released without charges.

    When I had the chance of speaking with Jarrett, he told me this:

    “The situation was confusing, because I really did not know what I was being arrested for. It was embarrassing and dehumanizing, and I did not feel that I was being treated with the dignity and respect that should be afforded any individual. But I was mostly thinking about all of the young people this happens to every day who don’t have anyone to call to get free. We cannot continue doing this to our people. It has to stop.”


  7. Zaibatsu News Ⓜ @ZaibatsuNews

    NY Times Public Editor Apologizes For Discordant Coverage Of Trump’s #Immigration Speech #p2

    The New York Times’ public editor apologized for the heavily edited story on Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s trip to Mexico and immigration speech, which misleadingly portrayed Trump as “remak[ing] his image” on immigration when in reality Trump doubled down on his anti-immigrant policies.

    Following Trump’s widely panned August 31 speech on immigration, The New York Times’ Patrick Healy wrote a front page article which praised Trump’s “audacious attempt … to remake his image on the divisive issue of immigration,” drawing intense criticism from reporters who said that its author had “apparently watched a completely different immigration speech.”

    Subsequently, substantial edits were made to the article without acknowledgment of the changes, prompting public editor Liz Spayd to tweet that she was “looking for answers this morning on the unexplained redo.”

    In her explanation on the debacle, Spayd wrote that “For many readers, the story looked like a significant misportrayal of events” due to the fast-paced nature of the changing events. Spayd conceded that “other major news sites managed to hit the mark” and noted that “mistakes can have a genuine impact” on the newspaper’s reputation. From the September 1 article: [more]

    Thank goodness for the internet. We can’t even trust the written news anymore!

  8. Good show on In The Memetimes today. If you have any comments please post.

    We are living in plutocracy and it will take a miracle and a good plan and a lot of people to change it at this point.

    As far as Apple Taxation, here’s an article from Robert Reich I posted earlier you should read…

    Standing Up to Apple

  9. @Crank Bait:

    Wow… thats pretty big for that area… Ive read where some attribute the more recent Oklahoma quakes to the injecting of salt water into the ground during drilling… curious to see what the scientists say about this one…

  10. @Crank Bait:

    When every favorable comment about Hillary Clinton is irritating, the core of the irritation is unlikely to rest in everyone who has made a favorable comment about Hillary Clinton.

    Hahaha… Don’t start with the personal analysis and projections Crank… it never ends well… 🙂

  11. running a virus/malware scan on the site… it will take an hour or so and may slow things down a little… let me know if you notice anything missing or broken…

  12. Putin on DNC leak: ‘Does it even matter who hacked this data?’

    The hacking and release of nearly 20,000 emails from the Democratic National Committee earlier this year was a public service, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview published Friday.

    But the former KGB officer and subsequent director of the country’s Federal Security Service sharply denied the notion that the Kremlin was responsible for the hack.

    “Listen, does it even matter who hacked this data?’’ Putin told Bloomberg on Thursday. “The important thing is the content that was given to the public.’’

    Intelligence officials and cybersecurity experts in the United States see the fingerprints of the Russian government on the DNC server attacks earlier this year, prior to the release of the emails just before the Democratic National Convention that led to the resignation of DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and several other top officials.

    “There’s no need to distract the public’s attention from the essence of the problem by raising some minor issues connected with the search for who did it,” Putin said. “But I want to tell you again, I don’t know anything about it, and on a state level Russia has never done this.”


    Sounds like Putin is worried about this. Worried because the U. S. will be more conscious and watchful of their web sites? Maybe worried that we will hack them now? Or is he worried because we blame him for interfering with the Election and taking the focus off what the emails said.

  13. A Putin-sponsored October surprise?
    By Dana Milbank

    The Russians have just given us an August glimpse of a potential October surprise.

    We learned earlier this summer that cyber-hackers widely believed to be tied to the Kremlin have broken into the email of the Democratic National Committee and others. The Post’s Ellen Nakashima reported Monday night that Russian hackers have also been targeting state voter-registration systems. And, in an apparent effort to boost Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy, they’re leaking what they believe to be the most damaging documents at strategic points in the campaign.

    Last week, we learned something else: The Russians aren’t just hackers — they’re also hacks. Turns out that before leaking their stolen information, they are in some cases doctoring the documents, making edits that add false information and then passing the documents off as the originals.

    Foreign Policy’s Elias Groll reported last week that the hackers goofed: They posted both the original versions of at least three documents and their edited versions. These documents, stolen from George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, were altered by the hackers to create the false impression that Russian anti-corruption activist Alexei Navalny was funded by Soros. A pro-Russian hacking group, CyberBerkut, had inserted Navalny’s name, bogus dollar amounts and fabricated wording.

  14. Seniors for the #BernRevolution
    3 hrs ·

    NOTE: ABC appears to take great pains to avoid using the term FRACKING in this article. Hmmmm, I guess so as not to anger their advertisers.

    Earthquake Shakes Swath of Midwest From Missouri to Oklahoma

    An earthquake has rattled a swath of the Great Plains, from Kansas City, Missouri, to central Oklahoma. The United States Geological Survey didn’t immediately post data on its website about the size of the earthquake or where it was centered. People in Kansas City, Missouri,… more|By ABC News

  15. @cent: Glad you did that. Was having problems with comments box. I’d paste something and go back to get more and when I came back to paste again there would be a jump and I’d paste in the wrong place. Also the tags at the top like b-quote would have an open, close and then another open so I was check those also.

  16. I saw this last night on Rachel’s show. This new guy on Trump’s campaign staff is really bad news….

    17 hrs ·

    Donald J. Trump’s new deputy campaign manager was once called “the lowest form of life” by George W. Bush. He also is infamous for his controversial attacks against Hillary Clinton.

    Who is David Bossie? Rachel Maddow gives us more details on the latest addition to the Trump campaign.

    More from The Rachel Maddow Show:

  17. Toni Kamins‎
    Yesterday at 7:02am · New York, NY ·

    When we look back at this election most of us will remember it as the time we first realized that our country had been taken over — not by a foreign power, but by a cancer within our body politic.

    It began with the right wing’s war against Bill Clinton (though of course he gave them plenty of ammunition) and reached a crescendo with the election of Barack Obama, who’s presidency they have attempted to negate since before he took office. And in some ways they have succeeded.

    Now they are hitting their stride, because unless Trump wins in November, they will continue to foster myths about voter fraud, stolen elections, et al that will negate HRC’s presidency.

    This is a coup d’etat my friends; not with guns, not with armies, not with movie villains, but with propaganda. And I’m afraid it’s been a successful one.

  18. Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence
    8 hrs ·

    “There is no national database of guns. We have no centralized record of who owns all the firearms we so vigorously debate, no hard data regarding how many people own them, how many of them are bought or sold, or how many even exist. What we have instead is Charlie.”

    Learn more about Charlie, and his role at the National Tracing Center, the agency dedicated to tracing guns–and another part of commonsense gun safety hampered by the gun lobby’s deadly agenda.

  19. How ranked-choice voting could make voters more open to third-party candidates

    Maine’s gubernatorial races often feature more than two candidates, and for 50 years, none of them has won a first term with majority support.

    Fed up with unpopular chief executives who lack mandates for their proposals, voters will decide in November whether to adopt an instant runoff, or ranked-choice voting, system whenever there are more than two candidates.

    Here’s how an instant runoff works: Instead of selecting a single candidate, each voter ranks all the candidates in order of preference.

    If no candidate is the top choice of the majority of voters, the candidate with the fewest first-place votes is scratched from every ballot, and there is a second count.

    This time, on every ballot where the last-place candidate was ranked first, the second-ranked candidate is counted as the voter’s top choice. The counts continue until one candidate is the top remaining choice of a majority of voters.Here’s how an instant runoff works: Instead of selecting a single candidate, each voter ranks all the candidates in order of preference. [more]

  20. Yale Program on Climate Change Communication
    Sponsored ·

    President Obama is crossing the Pacific with the hope of bringing the Paris climate agreement into effect:, via The New York Times. During Obama’s time in office, a record number of Americans have come to realize that people in the U.S. are being harmed “right now” by global warming.

    Climate Change in the American Mind: March, 2016

    Since spring 2015, the number of Americans who think global warming is happening has increased by seven percent. 70% now say it’s happening. This figure nearly matches the highest level we’ve measured (71%) since we began conducting our surveys in… [more]

  21. The End Is Near For Fox News As Network Faces A Bloodbath If Trump Loses
    Jason Easley

    The end is near for the current era of Fox News. The network could be facing what is being reported as a bloodbath and outside competition from Donald Trump if the Republican nominee loses the election in November.

    The always excellent Gabriel Sherman reported in New York Magazine:

    Many people I spoke with believe that the current management arrangement is just a stopgap until the election. “As of November 9, there will be a bloodbath at Fox,” predicts one host. “After the election, the prime-time lineup could be eviscerated. O’Reilly’s been talking about retirement. Megyn could go to another network. And Hannity will go to Trump TV.”

    The prospect of Trump TV is a source of real anxiety for some inside Fox. The candidate took the wedge issues that Ailes used to build a loyal audience at Fox News — especially race and class — and used them to stoke barely containable outrage among a downtrodden faction of conservatives. Where that outrage is channeled after the election — assuming, as polls now suggest, Trump doesn’t make it to the White House — is a big question for the Republican Party and for Fox News. Trump had a complicated relationship with Fox even when his good friend Ailes was in charge; without Ailes, it’s plausible that he will try to monetize the movement he has galvanized in competition with the network rather than in concert with it. [more]

  22. ATTN:
    6 hrs ·

    While Brock Turner spent 3 months in jail for sexual assault, Jeff Mizanskey spent 21 years for marijuana.

    Yesterday at 10:00am ·

    Major insurers are withdrawing from Obamacare exchanges next year. It’s time for something new.

  24. Robert Reich
    2 hrs ·

    I already feel anticipatory nostalgia for Barack Obama – for the dignity he restored to the presidency, for his civility and composure under fire, his scandal-free White House, his modesty and decorum, for his thoughtfulness and high-mindedness, and for his many attempts to bring Americans together.

    I haven’t agreed with all his policies, by any measure: He let the bankers off too easy in the bailout and didn’t adequately help underwater homeowners; he didn’t go for a “public option” under healthcare; he too often chose national security over civil liberties; and time and again he let Republicans get away with almost unconstitutional partisanship, such as refusing even to consider his Supreme Court pick.

    But as we get closer to the 2016 Election I can’t help contrasting President Obama with the presidents who came before him – one who lied about “weapons of mass destruction” and pulled us into unending war; another whose administration was plagued with scandal, including sex with a White House intern; another who was thrown out of office after one incompetent term; another who put us on the road to widening inequality.

    And I can’t help but fear what’s ahead: Donald Trump has the character and temperament of a barnyard snake, and is already pulling America apart. Hillary tends toward secrecy and covertness, and is too close to the moneyed interests.

    I will miss Barack Obama.

    What do you think?


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