Congress has a Budget Deal. What’s it all about?

This was Boehner’s last Hurrah as the House Speaker and member. Boehner and Senate Leader McConnell huddled to try to get a Budget passed. Here’s what they had to deal with:

From the NYTimes: Budget Deal Isn’t Boehner’s ‘Grand Bargain’ but Gets Job Done

The agreement, negotiated in secret by top congressional and White House aides, is a recognition by Mr. Boehner and Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the majority leader, that they were staring into a fiscal and political abyss.

With just days remaining before the Treasury Department estimated it would run short of cash to pay the federal government’s obligations, the two leaders of the House and Senate majorities had no clear path toward raising the federal debt limit. Many House Republicans and some in the Senate refuse to vote for any increase in federal borrowing power no matter the dire circumstances. Support for a debt-limit increase has become a sure ticket to a primary challenge from the right for many of them.

But Mr. McConnell has repeatedly promised no default. And he and Mr. Boehner, with their ties to high-ranking allies in the business and financial worlds, knew that failure to head off a threat to the government’s creditworthiness could boomerang badly on Republicans just one year from Election Day.

So the Right Wing of the Republican Party was fighting this deal the whole time. But the Very Right Wing was going against the Business and Financial “world” so McConnell and Boehner knew that this RW thinking would hurt the Republican Party.

So what’s in the Budget? Lets take a look….

From Yahoo News: White House, Congress reach tentative budget deal

Under the plan, the higher borrowing authority would be in effect until March 2017.

In addition, 58 million barrels of oil from U.S. emergency reserves held at the Strategic Petroleum Reserve would be sold over six years, starting in fiscal 2018, to help pay for the additional spending over two years, according to a copy of the bill posted to a congressional website.

If successful, the agreement would mark a final act for Boehner to clear some politically divisive legislation as Ryan takes over as speaker – assuming the Wisconsin lawmaker gets a majority of the House votes in an election set for Thursday that would win him the top job.

Central to the pact is the easing of across-the-board budget caps which would allow an additional $80 billion in spending over two years, split evenly between military and domestic programs. About $50 billion in added spending would come in fiscal 2016, which started on Oct. 1, and $30 billion would be added to the fiscal 2017 budget.

“The bipartisan budget package unveiled last night represents real progress for hard-working families across the country,” House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said in a statement.

Boehner said he was “clearing the deck” before Ryan takes over but here’s what Ryan had to say about it from the above linked article:

Republican Representative Paul Ryan, who is expected to be elected to the top House job of speaker on Thursday, replacing the retiring Boehner, told reporters he was reserving judgment on the agreement until he reviewed its details.

And in a nod to rebellious fellow Republicans who are clamoring for changes in the way the Republican-controlled House is run, Ryan added, “I think this process stinks,” hinting that “under new management” work will get done well before deadlines.

What do you think?

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    Dongo Huber @dongohuber

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    12:34 PM – 5 Dec 2015

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    For whatever reason, there are written accounts of men (never women) who set up camp in a cave and subsequently hallucinate.

    They might have taken hallucinogens. They might have starved themselves into an hallucinatory state. They might have been crazy.

    Occam’s Razor suggests that the least plausible reason for the hallucinations is visitation by supernatural creatures.

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    Cruz Tries to Match Trump’s Fascism: Says Screw SCOTUS on Abortion

    Howie Klein ‏@downwithtyranny 40m40 minutes ago

    What A Hateful Bunch These “Pull Up The Ladder” Republican Candidates Are– Especially Trumpf, Cruz And Rubio

    Bloomberg Politics ‏@bpolitics 46m46 minutes ago

    New poll says a majority of Trump supporters would vote for him if he ran as an independent

    LOOK: NY Daily News Goes After Trump In Amazing Page One Cartoon And Nazi-Era Poem

  4. ‘Charlie Brown’ voice actor sentenced to prison for threatening letters
    New York Daily News – ‎10 hours ago‎
    I wonder if the judge sounded like a trombone?

  5. Any cartoon will get laughs if it includes Bill the Cat wearing an Imperial Stormtrooper helmet.

  6. The Hill ‏@thehill 3h3 hours ago

    JUST IN: Trump to visit Jordan this month

    CNN ‏@CNN 3h3 hours ago

    Why @tedcruz won’t slam @realDonaldTrump


    But with Cruz, Trump hasn’t just enjoyed a détente but instead a full-blown special relationship

    “That was, I think, a perfect plan,” said state Sen. Lee Bright, the co-chair of Cruz’s leadership team in South Carolina. “I don’t think he could have done anything any better.”

    It was hatched with Cruz’s steadfast unwillingness to judge Trump after he memorably charged that some Mexican immigrants were rapists. It was cemented at a secretive tete-a-tete at Trump Tower in July between the two Republican rivals. And it was consecrated at a highly unusual rally on Capitol Hill hosted by Cruz in September, where Trump, not Cruz, won the cameras.

    Cruz was just glad those lenses showed up.

    “The reason’s not complicated,” Cruz told reporters in Houston in September when asked why he invited Trump — and no one else. “When Donald arrives at an event, he brings an army of TV cameras. And Donald’s being there…means the mainstream media will cover the event.” [more]

    Caterina Fake ‏@Caterina 6h6 hours ago

    Fascinating, from Paris climate talks: Undercover sting of academics paid $$ to publish anti-climate papers.

    BewareTheBelievers© ‏@BewareTheBeliev 19m19 minutes ago


    Wonkette ‏@Wonkette 21m21 minutes ago

    Rand Paul Thought Of Banning Muslims First. How Come Trump Gets All The Credit?

  7. Habibies ‏@Habibies 1h1 hour ago

    #Republicans – The dumbest group of voters in #America: – #DonaldTrump (People Magazine, 1998) #USA #FoxNews

    Jeffrey Levin ‏@jilevin 14m14 minutes ago

    MSNBC: SCOTUS Hears Case That Could Kill College Affirmative Action #p2 #topprog


    Opponents of affirmative action in college admissions are hoping they can cripple the positive discrimination measure — if not outright kill it — when the Supreme Court takes up the issue Wednesday.

    The University of Texas at Austin says students learn better when there’s diversity on campus and within racial groups. But lawyers for a woman who was denied admission to the school say that’s too vague a standard to justify distinctions based on race.

    The Supreme Court gave a limited victory to the university two years ago, agreeing that campus diversity is a worthy goal. But it instructed the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to review whether considering an applicant’s race in college admissions was necessary to achieving it. [more]

    Patrick M ‏@andendall 22m22 minutes ago

    Gallup Poll: Obama the best leader in the World (USA rebounding from Bush Legacy)

    BBC News (World) ‏@BBCWorld 3h3 hours ago

    Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim comments undermine US national security, Pentagon warns

    Here’s some info on what Mirella and I were talking about that is happening in France and Europe….

    BBC News (World) ‏@BBCWorld 54m54 minutes ago

    Not just Le Pen: Political change is sweeping Europe, @BBCGavinHewitt says


    The success of Marine Le Pen and the National Front (FN) in France underlines the shifting plates of European politics.

    She is far right, anti-Europe and anti-immigration, but many of those who voted for her once voted for the Communists and the Socialists.

    She has attempted to reinvent the FN as the party of the voiceless, the left-behind and the angry.

    She offers to protect workers’ jobs from globalisation and to defend French identity. Her appeal is to a working class that feels disenfranchised.

    The centre-right or the conservative right wants to take and hold the middle ground.

    In Germany, Angela Merkel is not just in coalition with the Social Democrats – she has also moved to the left.

    She agreed to an increase in the minimum wage and, much to the shock of many of her traditional supporters, has welcomed nearly a million refugees.

    She is the leader of the European mainstream.

    She often declares: “Germany is our homeland. Europe is our future.”

    She stands for fiscal discipline and a strong Europe built on solidarity. Isolation is no solution in the 21st Century, she likes to say.

    Yet a recent poll found that 48% of Germans do not want her to stay as Chancellor, because of the migrant crisis.

    In the modern politics, authority can evaporate swiftly.
    Rebranded message

    In the UK, the Conservatives are out to shrink the state; total public spending is set to fall to 36.4% of national income. And yet, here too, the party is rebranding itself.

    The Chancellor, George Osborne, says: “We are now the party of work, the only true party of labour.”

    He knows that allowing prosperity to trickle down is not enough and plans to raise a National Living Wage to £9 by 2020.

    The Conservatives base their appeal on management of the economy.

    In these times, the traditional centre-left is struggling.

    Peter Mandelson, the former Labour politician and EU commissioner, defined his message in the 1990s as one of social justice and economic efficiency.

    But he points out that the “nature of power is shifting, and social democratic parties face a bleak future if we do not come to terms with the shift that is under way.”

    Adjusting to the shift has not been easy. In Italy, the centre-left under Matteo Renzi is pre-occupied with reforming the Italian state, its political culture, its legal system and its economy.
    Timid reforms

    In France, under President Hollande, the Socialists have been timid.

    They have failed to bring down unemployment or deliver a truly flexible labour market.

    The French president has been unwilling to challenge a country nostalgic for what is loosely called the French way of life.

    Yet there is widespread agreement that the centre-left has to change and rediscover its message, for in the new politics it is being squeezed by a range of anti-establishment politicians. [more]

    Read it all if you have a chance because this will effect the way the future is shaped in our world.

    But the democracies have not found an answer to the globalised world.

    It is an era marked by events that emphasise the powerlessness of those in power – migration, terrorism, the force of change driven by technology.

    The mainstream parties are weakened.

    It is open season for the Trumps and Le Pens who declare they speak for the people.

    Peter Mandelson, part-architect of Labour’s victories, speaks of the traditional centre-left being squeezed in the chaotic and incoherent new politics.

    The challenge for all parties is how to offer security in a globalised world.

    Waiting in the wings are the anti-establishment parties whose route to influence is paved with the disruptive power of social media.


    I Want Donald Trump to Destroy the GOP

    …And you know what? I’m still rooting for him to win the nomination. I’m rooting for his candidacy like I used to root for mass chaos in college football’s Bowl Championship Series. I want him to sweep the primaries and make a porn star his veep and get a primo convention slot that results in mass chaos and lots of urgent backstage maneuvering to kick him out of the party. I don’t want him to branch off and run as an independent. I want him to be VISIBLE. I want him to be the standard bearer. Filthy rich GOP donors know that a Trump nomination would essentially doom their party, and that’s exactly what those fuckers deserve, now and forever.

    Because if you think the prospect of Trump’s leadership is terrifying, I have bad news for you: You already have MANY elected leaders who are just as bad, if not fucking worse. Like Texas congressman Louis Gohmert. Or New York loony toon Peter King. Or any number of Tea Party members who have won by exploiting the same kind of hillbilly paranoia that Trump is currently whipping into a froth. Trump’s great sin is that he is so terribly PUBLIC with his courtship, while the rest of GOP has quietly dined out on these people for ages now.

    It’s way past due for this scam to be blown wide open. This is the braying, gullible 20 percent of the American population that has stonewalled a great deal of our progress and DESERVES to be left behind, in the dust. In a lot of Trump thinkpieces (like mine!), you’ll see writers attribute the Trump phenomenon to anger. “Say what you will, these people are angry!” And today, more than ever, I could give half a shit about that anger. Are you angry America isn’t what it used to be? EAT SHIT. I don’t care that you’re mad it’s not 1951. I don’t care that an immigrant coder stole your job at the wagon factory. I don’t care that your only solution for your plight is to SEETHE about it. I don’t care that your American ideal is booting out half the population while arming yourselves to the teeth. The sooner you people die off and have your political influence quashed, the better. You deserve to have your political movement burst into flames in front of a live television audience. You deserve to blindly follow your idiot pied piper into oblivion…

  9. Jeffrey Levin ‏@jilevin 5m5 minutes ago

    Huff Post: How Elizabeth Warren Convinced Obama’s Treasury To Aid Fraud Victims #p2 #topprog

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    These Are The GOP Candidates Who Are Especially Unwilling To Condemn Donald Trump

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    These nuts really do dream of revolution: The right’s frightening fantasy that blocks any action on guns … #UniteBlue


    Until the right ends its worshipping, fetishized relationship with guns, we will never solve our violence problem

    We accept few objects with as much blind devotion as guns. No matter the individual and social damage they cause, their general utility and good goes for the most part unquestioned. Even most strident calls for more gun restrictions still take part in this same logic: control them, even ban some of them, but don’t get rid of them entirely. [more]

    Blue DuPage ‏@BlueDuPage 30m30 minutes ago

    Menards threatens managers: If workers unionize, we’ll cut your pay 60% … #tcot #p2

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    Obama White House Obliterates Trump And The GOP As Unfit For The Presidency … #UniteBlue

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    Donald Trump Is No Leader—He’s the Voice of America’s Ugly Underbelly … #UniteBlue

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    Barbara Walters Asks Trump If He’s a Bigot as He Invokes 9/11 to Defend Muslim Ban (VIDEO)

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    Trump’s Words Coming Out of Voldemort’s Mouth Sounds Horrifyingly Natural

    The Progressive Mind ‏@Libertea2012 12m12 minutes ago

    We’re talking about the wrong extremists: The radicals who must be stopped are Trump and the GOP, not Muslims #UniteBlue


    GOP think they know science better than scientists, Islam better than Muslims, Catholicism better than the pope

    U.S. Reality Check ‏@USRealityCheck 37m37 minutes ago

    Bernie Sanders Tells Rachel Maddow Exactly How To Defeat Donald Trump #USRC /pu

    Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has Donald Trump’s number, and during an interview on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show, Sanders explained exactly how to defeat Trump.

  10. The Independent ‏@Independent 4h4 hours ago

    ‘Behind the scenes at COP21, rich countries are outsourcing their climate change problems to the poorest’

    Joe Sudbay ‏@JoeSudbay 3m3 minutes ago

    Tell @MSNBC and @CNN: Stop promoting Donald Trump’s racist presidential campaign. via @CREDOMobile

    The Progressive Mind ‏@Libertea2012 4m4 minutes ago

    Paul Ryan Is Flopping As Speaker As Republicans Fall Apart Ahead Of Shutdown… … #UniteBlue

    Andrea Mitchell ‏@mitchellreports 22m22 minutes ago

    .@POTUS on anniversary of 13th amendment “the scars of America’s original sin are still with us today” @MSNBC #AMR

    Michele Norris ‏@michele_norris 43m43 minutes ago

    In giving freedom to the slaves, we ensure freedom for the free – @POTUS in remarks commemorating 150th anniversary of the 13th amendment

    Michele Norris ‏@michele_norris 36m36 minutes ago

    This @POTUS speech is not festooned in fanfare but worth noting: a black man behind presidential seal is talking abt anniv of 13th amendment

    Archie Bunker’s Editorial on Gun Control:

  11. sfpelosi ‏@sfpelosi 40m40 minutes ago

    “We betray our past if we fail to push back against bigotry in all its forms” @POTUS #13thAmendment

    Bill Moyers
    3 hrs ·

    Shutdown, here we come! –> Campaign finance is one of the points of contention in the budget deal. Members of the Freedom Caucus, that 40-some member coalition of extreme right Republicans, “dislike a campaign finance provision backed by [Senate Majority Leader] McConnell that would increase strict limits on how much national party committees can spend to coordinate with individual candidates,” reports The Washington Post.

    Right-wing reps worry that the rule would give the Republican Party establishment too much power. But that establishment could “ease those concerns by including language that would allow the rule to apply to potential third party committees that might be created in the future.”

    Good-government advocacy groups don’t like that plan one bit: “This so-called ‘compromise’ would have the effect of destroying the candidate contribution limits enacted to prevent the corruption of federal officeholders,” says Democracy 21 reformer Fred Wertheimer.

    From A Citizen ‏@CuestionMarque 1h1 hour ago

    I hope Trump stays in the race b/c I’ve still got so many tweets waiting to be posted. I like laughing AT him, bu then GOP has a few others.

    McSakul ‏@smac20000 13h13 hours ago … Tumblr Has Become a Giant Bernie Sanders Campaign Rally

    It’s no secret that presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is a hit with young people—a notion confirmed today when Tumblr released data on the most popular politicians on the site in 2015. He was named the most reblogged 2016 candidate and the number two overall politician discussed this year on Tumblr, second only to current President Barack Obama. [more]

    FRONTLINE ‏@frontlinepbs 1h1 hour ago

    US expands North Korea sanctions over arms trade [via @BBCWorld]

    Taegan Goddard ‏@politicalwire 1h1 hour ago

    Editor Says It’s a Fact That Trump Is Racist

    Rick Serrano ‏@RickSerranoLAT 1h1 hour ago

    FBI head confirms Farook and Malik pledged allegiance to ISIS. “It was claimed by the killers…that they were doing this for” ISIS he said

    West Wing Reports ‏@WestWingReport 1h1 hour ago

    In comments that appear – perhaps – to be subtly aimed at Trump, President warns against being consumed by cynicism and overwhelmed by fear

    Bloomberg Business ‏@business 1h1 hour ago

    Ted Cruz’s backers say he’s Donald Trump with a pinch of reason and electability

    Fallon Tonight ‏@FallonTonight 2h2 hours ago

    Presidential Candidate Senator @BernieSanders discusses his new climate change plan

    FierceFeline ‏@FFierceFFeline 2h2 hours ago

    Pro Tip: Journalists Should Not Use Their Kids to Attack the President … #UniteBlue #p2 ConnectTheLeft

    [It’s Charlie Pierce!]

    ​I should know better. Truly, I should. But, no, I had to tune into Squint and the Meat Puppet this morning to watch the assembled ‘fraidy-cats—who, this morning, included Nicolle Wallace, my man Chuck Todd, and Ruth Marcus, scourge of teenage potty-mouths everywhere—justify their own terror by bravely throwing their children up as human shields against it. This trope, which was born during the heady early days of the “war” on drugs, nauseates me almost beyond human capacity.

    The topic was the president’s “tepid” response to recent events in Paris and in San Bernardino. It was generally agreed that the president “doesn’t want” to be a “wartime president,” which will come as some surprise to the extended al-Alwaki family, to say nothing of the bin Ladens. (This is a way of calling the president a pussy without being Ralph Peters.) Moreover, they exercised the recent line of thinking by which it is the president’s alleged lassitude which is responsible for the unreasoning panic in the country and the stubborn reality of Donald Trump’s poll numbers. This is, of course, completely bananas. There is nothing this president could have said, ever, that would have kept the Republicans from saying the opposite, which, in this case, means mongering fear and mongering war. But it was at this point at which the gorge hit high tide. It happened when Marcus began her remarks by saying, “As a mom…” At which point, the remote took flight and landed just shy of the suitcase across the room. [more]

  12. Trump Set To Lose A Fortune As Muslim Business Partners Begin Boycott [snip]

    Donald Trump clearly hasn’t learned any lessons from the backlash he suffered for his crude and offensive remarks against Latinos. After he doubled down on his declarations that Mexicans were “criminals and rapists,” a number of his business partners cut ties and sent shock-waves through his already-shaky “business empire.” Now that he’s decided he wants to ban all Muslims from entering the United States, his business partners in the Muslim world, who have made Trump millions, are furious and beginning to cut their own ties to rambunctious demagogue.

    Arabian Business has reported that the regional retail powerhouse Landmark Group has stopped selling Trump’s products in over 160 stores from Libya to Pakistan.

    The Dubai-based firm signed a deal in February this year to sell items from the Trump Home collection to customers in the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia through its Lifestyle outlets. However, the group said on Tuesday it would now remove all products from its shelves. “As one of the most popular home decor brands in the Middle East, Lifestyle values and respects the sentiments of all its customers. In light of the recent statements made by the presidential candidate in the US media, we have suspended sale of all products from the Trump Home décor range.”

    Khalaf al-Habtoor, the owner of the United Arab Emirates-based conglomerate Al Habtoor Group, told the Associated Press that he has rescinded his previous support for Trump and is furious at the mogul for his disgusting statements:

    “If he comes to my office, I will not let him in. I reject him. Maybe we can meet somewhere where I can debate with him in a very civilized way, not in the way he approaches people. When he was talking about Muslims, attacking them … I had to admit I made a mistake in my supporting Mr. Trump. He is creating a hatred between Muslims and the United States of America. Extremists like ISIS will thank Mr. Trump for his comments — this is very dangerous what he is doing to the United States when strength is partnered with ignorance and deceit, it produces a toxic mix threatening the United States and our world.”

    He ended his interview by endorsing Hillary Clinton instead. [more]

  13. FiveThirtyEight ‏@FiveThirtyEight 5h5 hours ago

    What if Ted Cruz wins Iowa?

    micah (Micah Cohen, deputy editor, politics): A Monmouth survey came out yesterday showing Ted Cruz leading in Iowa — the first poll to show Cruz atop the GOP heap there. And overall, Cruz has crept into second place in the RealClearPolitics Iowa aggregate. So let’s break down the current state of play in Iowa and New Hampshire. To get us going: What happens if Cruz wins Iowa? Let’s say the Monmouth survey is dead on, and Cruz finishes first, Donald Trump second, Marco Rubio third and Ben Carson fourth. How do the dominoes fall?

    harry (Harry Enten, senior political writer): First off, I think the Monmouth poll is a very good sign for Cruz. I’ve written about Cruz’s potential strength before, and a win in Iowa would put him on the national map. Further, unlike past Iowa winners such as Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum, Cruz’s numbers in New Hampshire are not terrible relative to the non-Trump candidates. It’s conceivable that Cruz could launch out of Iowa and not get tripped up in New Hampshire.

    micah: He could win New Hampshire? He’s not really the type of candidate that typically wins New Hampshire, though, right?

    natesilver (Nate Silver, editor in chief): The tricky thing is that the bounce a candidate gets out of Iowa depends as much on the media’s expectations as how well he or she performs in an absolute sense. So, hypothetically, if Cruz is polling at 33 percent by the time we get to the caucuses, and he wins Iowa but with 23 percent of the vote instead, he might not get much of a bounce.

    Leaving that aside, I don’t think a win in New Hampshire would be completely off the table for Cruz. [more]

    Republicans R Evil ‏@CanProveIt 5h5 hours ago

    Donald Trump Jr. on “Fox & Friends”: My father’s racism and xenophobia are “resonating with the people”

    haroon moghul ‏@hsmoghul 1h1 hour ago Brooklyn, NY

    2. @Deanofcomedy says he’s more afraid of Trump supporters than Trump

    MONEY on College ‏@Money_College 34m34 minutes ago

    Wow. Justice Scalia suggests African-Americans should go to “lesser,” “slower” #colleges #icanteven

    Rick Sallinger ‏@ricksallinger 2h2 hours ago

    Accused Planned Parenthood shooter: “I am guilty there will be no trial. I am a warrior for the babies” outbursts in court.

    Rick Sallinger ‏@ricksallinger 2h2 hours ago

    Robert Dear: in court: “You’ll never know the amount of blood I saw in that place” after saying “I’m a warrior for the babies” #ppshooting

    My Daughter’s Army ‏@mydaughtersarmy 2h2 hours ago

    Army veteran posts the perfect Facebook response to people who expect him to hate Muslims.


    He said he may have been injured at the hands of a Muslim, but listed the number of Muslims who had since helped him in his recovery [more]

    Farhad Manjoo ‏@fmanjoo 4h4 hours ago

    Here’s the hottest take of all: The Internet is Terrible. The end. By me @nytimes.

    Sabrina Siddiqui ‏@SabrinaSiddiqui 6h6 hours ago

    Huge Obama applause line: “Remember that our freedom is bound up with the freedom of others regardless of … what faith they practice.”

  14. Paul Krugman ‏@NYTimeskrugman 4h4 hours ago

    The Banality of Trumpism

    Brian Beutler has a good piece about the liberal reaction to Trumpism — which is that the phenomenon

    was neither unexpected nor the source of any new or profound lesson.

    But I think he casts it a bit too narrowly. The basic liberal diagnosis of modern conservatism has long been that it was a plutocratic movement that won elections by appealing to the racism and general anger-at-the-other of whites; there’s nothing too surprising about an election in which the establishment candidates continue to serve plutocracy while the base turns to candidates who drop the euphemisms while going straight to the racism and xenophobia.

    Beutler says that

    The only people who claim to be befuddled by the Trump phenomenon are officials on knife-edge in the party he leads.


    The Situation Room ‏@CNNSitRoom 1h1 hour ago

    New Hampshire @CNN/ WMUR poll: @BernieSanders has lead with 50%, @HillaryClinton 40%

    Rob Simpson ‏@robin182zz 2h2 hours ago

    “Steve King: Even Muslims In Congress Won’t Renounce Sharia Law” #UniteBlue

    [Another man I cannot stand!]

    HuffPost Politics ‏@HuffPostPol 6h6 hours ago

    Hillary Clinton to promise crackdown on tax-dodging U.S. companies

    Say No To GOP ‏@SayNoToGOP 42s43 seconds ago

    WATCH: Muslim Store Owner in Tears After He’s Beaten by Man on Mission to ‘Kill Muslims’…

    PictureBerniePOTUS ‏@PicBernie2016 1h1 hour ago

    BREAKING: @ZephyrTeachout has endorsed @BernieSanders for president #FeelTheBern

    PolitiFact ‏@PolitiFact 6m6 minutes ago

    Trump: 25% of US Muslims think violence is justified in the name of jihad.

  15. Intl. Business Times ‏@IBTimes 9m9 minutes ago

    $FB CEO Mark Zuckerberg vows to protect the rights of Muslims on Facebook

    Barak Ravid ‏@BarakRavid 6h6 hours ago

    Netanyahu rejects Trump’s call to ban Muslims from U.S., but refuses to cancel meeting

    The Hill ‏@thehill 28m28 minutes ago

    Muhammad Ali: Muslims “have to stand up” to Islamic Jihadists

    The Progressive Mind ‏@Libertea2012 19m19 minutes ago

    The Psychology of the Affirmative-Action Backlash … #UniteBlue


    The Supreme Court re-hears Abigail Fisher’s case against the University of Texas today. Fisher, who is a white woman, claims that she was denied admission to UT because of her race. If the High Court rules in her favor, Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin will shake affirmative-action policy to its core and could knock the 14th Amendment askew in the process.

    To recap: Fisher applied to the University of Texas Austin twice, once through its fall 2008 cycle and again through a provisional summer program. According to court documents, 49 students with lower scores and grades than Fisher were offered provisional admission to UT through the summer program. Only five of those arguably under-qualified students were black or Hispanic; the other 42 were white.

    The original suit makes no mention of the 42 admitted and arguably under-qualified white students. Conversely, according to court documents, 168 applicants of color who had higher scores than Fisher were not admitted to UT. [more]

    Check out the arrogant look on her face…..

    The Hill ‏@thehill 23m23 minutes ago

    Walker calls on other GOP candidates to drop out in order to take down Trump:

    Luckovich Cartoon…

  16. Robert Reich
    39 mins ·

    Today, the Senate Special Committee on Aging took a close look at why the prices of certain generic drugs have soared. Many were acquired through merger or acquisition. For example, When Martin Shkreli (below), the former hedge-fund manager who became CEO of Turing Phamaceuticals, bought the maker of a 62-year-old drug called Daraprim (used to treat a parasitic infection), he promptly raised its price from $13.50 a pill to $750 a pill. Shkreli did the same thing in his prior company, raising the price of Thiola, used to treat a disease that causes kidney stones, from $1.50 to $30 a pill.

    Shkreli dismisses critics by saying his duty isn’t to consumers but to his investors, and that the high prices allow him to develop new medicines for debilitating illnesses. Baloney. If Shkreli wants to develop new drugs, the money should come from investors, not from existing patients who rely on older generic drugs. And if he’s able to raise prices on such older drugs to such an extent, he’s guilty of monopolizing a market – and antitrust authorities should break up his monopoly.

    What do you think?

    daveweigel ‏@daveweigel 44m44 minutes ago

    Two voters who came into the focus group having cooled on Trump now say they’re more supportive, after 2.5 hours of negative arguments

    Bloomberg Politics ‏@bpolitics 2h2 hours ago

    .@BernieSanders has a 10-point lead over Clinton in New Hampshire, a new CNN/WMUR poll finds

    Lady Parts Justice ‏@LadyPJustice Dec 5

    Abortion terrorist Robert Lewis Dear once tried to GLUE a Planned Parenthood’s office doors shut. #standwithpp

    Lawrence O’Donnell ‏@Lawrence 31m31 minutes ago

    Because @realDonaldTrump can’t do math he is very proud of a poll that shows if he runs independent he will get same vote % Ralph Nader got.

    Yes that Danny DeVito…..

    Danny DeVito Verified account @DannyDeVito

    Antonin Scalia retire bitch

  17. Trump Campaign Officially Designated As Hate Group By Southern Poverty Law Center

    The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has officially designated Donald Trump and his campaign as a hate group. The SPLC defines hate groups as those that “…have beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics.”

    The presidential candidate’s most recent example of hate speech is his call to ban all Muslims from entering the US despite their country of origin or status. Under his policy even tourist would be denied entrance based solely on their religious belief. How he would enforce this is unclear. How can you identify a person’s religion by merely looking at them? Perhaps, he would just instruct the TSA and border guards to just turn away all brown people.

    He has also called for all Muslims to be forced to wear some sort of identification that would make their religious affiliation easily visible to others.

    Let’s not forget his issues with Mexico as well. “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” [more]

  18. toniD
    December 9, 2015 at 9:29 pm
    Lady Parts Justice ‏@LadyPJustice Dec 5

    Abortion terrorist Robert Lewis Dear once tried to GLUE a Planned Parenthood’s office doors shut. #standwithpp

    I suppose it is marginally less crazy than trying to K-Y Jelly the sidewalks.

  19. Yes that Danny DeVito…..

    Danny DeVito Verified account @DannyDeVito

    Antonin Scalia retire bitch

    or just go off and die. this man has lived well beyond his expiration date

  20. Dean Obeidallah ‏@Deanofcomedy 20h20 hours ago

    The hate that Trump has stoked will be with us long after he loses. That hate will be Trump’s legacy

    Greg Sargent ‏@ThePlumLineGS 3h3 hours ago

    Greg Sargent Retweeted Jonathan Chait

    Good read. Also note subtle ways in which Cruz is sidling up to Trump’s Islamophobia:

    The Progressive Mind ‏@Libertea2012 4h4 hours ago

    England Not Alone as Some in Israel Want Trump Banned from Upcoming Visit … #UniteBlue

    [MSNBC news reporting that Trump cancelled his trip to Israel and Jordan. He made some excuse that he’s campaigning now and he’ll visit when he is President. I think he’s afraid to travel there now because someone may shoot him.]

    The Progressive Mind ‏@Libertea2012 4h4 hours ago

    RT: Decades In The Making > #DonaldTrump And #TedCruz – Death Of The Republican Party. #Hate #Bigotry… #UniteBlue

  21. this one toni

    Trump Campaign Officially Designated As Hate Group By Southern Poverty Law Center

    I learnt it by reading through the comments

  22. @mirella:

    The banner at the top of the page “News That’s Almost Reliable” is a big hint, as is the site navigation bar at the top of the page which includes a “Satire Disclaimer” tab.

    Freewoodpost is one of those sites that causes Vernon to throw stuff at other stuff.

  23. Robert Reich
    24 mins ·

    Today President Obama signed into law a new authorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. It wisely retreats from excessive high-stakes testing. But it doesn’t require states to overcome large and growing inequities in school funding between rich and poor districts.

    Put together two facts — that Americans are segregating by income more than ever, and that an average of 45% of school funding comes from local property taxes — and you see why millions of poor kids are being shortchanged teachers, staff, and resources. The United States is the only developed nation that spends less per pupil educating poor children than wealthy ones.

    Getting away from excessive testing is fine. Now it’s time to push states to fund equal educational opportunity and high-quality early education for every vulnerable three- and four-year old.

    What do you think?

  24. or too good to be true, like the britain banning trump, that’s just at the petition stage right now, i really don’t think it can happen

    but good to hear he’s canceling trip to middle east

  25. mirella
    December 10, 2015 at 5:49 pm
    he’s not getting good press in europe that’s for sure
    It is as difficult to imagine why Trump would get good press anywhere as it is to imagine why the Roman Empire would give good press to Attila the Hun.

    The nicest thing to be said is that they’re both wealthy and wear fur on their heads.

  26. The Progressive Mind ‏@Libertea2012 9h9 hours ago

    England Not Alone as Some in Israel Want Trump Banned from Upcoming Visit … #UniteBlue

    Michael Barbaro ‏@mikiebarb 9h9 hours ago

    SCOOP: Cruz questions Trump’s judgement in private talk at fundraiser, via @mattfleg and @maggieNYT. Hell to pay?


    Senator Ted Cruz, who has carefully avoided public criticism of Donald J. Trump, said this week at a private fundraiser that the real-estate developer is facing a “challenging question” about whether he has the “judgment” to be president.

    Mr. Cruz, a rival of Mr. Trump’s for the Republican presidential nomination, is trying to position himself to be the beneficiary of any erosion of support for Mr. Trump, who is handily beating the rest of the field in opinion polls. While he has said he doesn’t agree with Mr. Trump’s latest provocative proposal, a ban on Muslim immigrants entering the United States, he has taken pains to praise Mr. Trump for making immigration a focal point of his candidacy.

    But inside a conference room Wednesday in a Madison Avenue office, with about 70 people pressed around a table, Mr. Cruz gave his assessment of the race, lumping Mr. Trump with another candidate whose supporters the Texas senator hopes to poach, Ben Carson.

    “Both of them I like and respect,” said Mr. Cruz, according to an audio recording of his comments provided by one attendee. “I don’t believe either one of them is going to be our president.”


    Nancy Mitchell ‏@NancyWonderful 10h10 hours ago Cape Coral, FL

    Nancy Mitchell Retweeted Morning Joe

    IMAGINE a world where #trump MAKES #cruz sound “GOP Normal” ..Its ugly @Morning_Joe #TrumpSociopath … … …@Normsmusic

    Norm Clark ‏@Normsmusic 9h9 hours ago

    Norm Clark Retweeted Nancy Mitchell

    Sadly Nancy, we really don’t have to imagine it.

    Bloomberg Business ‏@business 10h10 hours ago

    Even if Trump loses the primary, he’s changed the race in previously unthinkable ways

  27. Former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman held in solitary in prison, son says

    BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman was placed in solitary in the federal prison where he’s serving time on corruption charges after calling a talk show and repeating his claims of innocence, his son said Thursday.

    Siegelman phoned a liberal talk show on Oct. 15 to discuss his allegations that he’s a Democratic political prisoner wrongly prosecuted by Republicans. A recording of the segment is available online.

    He also talked about U.S. District Judge Mark Fuller, who presided at Siegelman’s trial but has since resigned after being arrested on a spousal abuse charge, and told listeners inmates are limited to 15 minutes on the phone.

    “I’m being told I’ve got to end this by the camp counselor,” said Siegelman, who hung up seconds later.


    Justice Department ‏@TheJusticeDept 9h9 hours ago

    Army Sergeant Sentenced to Prison for Conspiracy in Afghanistan Bribery Scheme

    Reid Wilson ‏@ConsultReid Dec 9

    Bob Dole on if Ted Cruz is the GOP nominee: “I might oversleep” on Election Day

    Raymond C. ‏@mspray1 9h9 hours ago

    WATCH: Stephen Colbert Reveals Donald Trump’s Real Strategy:
    Offend everyone except white peopl… #p2 #alternet

    Tina Issa ‏@tinaissa 5m5 minutes ago

    TrumpNut goes nuts on CNN claims he made her interested in politics except she’s a Birther

    Tina Issa ‏@tinaissa 2m2 minutes ago

    Extremists are Trump’s base. It is who the GOP is now. She’s in need of Lithium and a Mental Hospital. That might not be enough though

    The Daily Show ‏@TheDailyShow 5h5 hours ago

    Debut of Senior Jewish Correspondent @AdamLowitt and Trump still wants to bang his daughter

    Blue DuPage ‏@BlueDuPage 11m11 minutes ago

    Ted Cruz partners with E.W. Jackson, one of the few Republicans more nuts than he is … #tcot

  28. the sight of that woman with chris hayes Wasserman shulz made my blood pressure shoot up and blood boil

    if i hate anyone right now it is this woman

    i blame her and the dnc establishment for what is happening; the media has nothing else to talk about but cruz and trump and gop bullshit because there is only cricket from the democrats

    exactly what happened in italy and germany before dictatorships began, weak democratic governments that let it happen

  29. another one is obama, angry with him and his corrupt justice dept attorneys that haven’t done anything about the siegelman injustice, shame on them; they deserve the same scorn as the republicans for being so gutless where it matters.

  30. ‏@TIME 5h5 hours ago

    “Black Lives Matter is not a civil rights movement—it’s a human rights one”

    Breaking911 ‏@Breaking911 22m22 minutes ago

    FLASH: Drug Lord ‘El Chapo’ Declares War on ISIS –

    Guardian US ‏@GuardianUS 27m27 minutes ago

    Donald Trump: ‘I’m starting to win the debate on barring Muslims from US’

    The Hill ‏@thehill 29m29 minutes ago

    Black lawmakers tear into Scalia for “disgusting, inaccurate and insulting” remarks:

    The Guardian ‏@guardian 37m37 minutes ago

    Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump is no longer funny, he’s dangerous

    The Progressive Mind ‏@Libertea2012 39m39 minutes ago

    Syrian refugee comforted by his son!
    “Empathy is about finding echoes of another person in yourself.”


  31. toniD
    December 10, 2015 at 8:13 pm
    Tina Issa ‏@tinaissa 5m5 minutes ago

    TrumpNut goes nuts on CNN claims he made her interested in politics except she’s a Birther

    Raw Story has a follow up to the above.

    BUSTED: Trump-loving Republican lawmaker caught lying in unhinged rant about Obama’s lies

    A woman who called President Barack Obama a liar on CNN and said she had never been involved in politics until being energized by the candidacy of Donald Trump is in fact a far-right elected leader for the state of New Hampshire.

    Susan DeLemus was elected in 2010 as a Republican to the state House of Representatives. DeLemus is a “birther,” meaning she is a conspiracy theorist who believes Obama was not born in the United States…

    Hmmm. She was never involved in politics until Donald Trump’s 2015 candidacy energized her yet she was elected to the New Hampshire state House of Representatives in 2010?

    Sounds kinda lie-ish. Lie infected. Lie encrusted.
    A prevaricating poltroon.

  32. Ian Millhiser ‏@imillhiser 1h1 hour ago

    So many of Donald Trump’s proposals are unconstitutional, but the next president could appoint enough SCOTUS justices that it won’t matter.

    FiveThirtyEight ‏@FiveThirtyEight 1h1 hour ago

    How Arne Duncan lost the Common Core and his legacy

    [It was a a bad program!]

    The Progressive Mind ‏@Libertea2012 1h1 hour ago

    English Petition to Ban Trump Now Stands at 370,000 and Counting … #UniteBlue

    MSNBC ‏@MSNBC 1h1 hour ago

    The White House is finalizing a proposal to expand background checks on gun sales: (Pic: AP)

    The Last Word ‏@TheLastWord 37s38 seconds ago

    .@kaj33 writing for @TIME: #lastword


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