Inauguration Open Thread.

Here’s the (Harump) open thread for the Inauguration Insertion of Donald J. Trump, yech!, as President of the United States, cough! Yech! Many are not watching but the TV News will have non-stop reporting on it.

Here’s your space to comment on it and also a place to talk about the counter inauguration functions. Have at it!

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  1. Ready Yet?

    Great arguments and epic rants by Dore here… people who have known me and my politics for years have told me he and I are political twins separated at birth… I am beginning to believe them… I have been ranting many of these same arguments for a long time…

    This is a long interview in 4 parts

    This fledgling movement may fail, but the arguments are sound and are gaining traction… worst case the Dems move Left out of fear…

    Let me borrow a quote from one of my favorite tonedeaf Corporatist Dem target dummies Claire Mc Caskill from an interview last week…

    “…you know, I do think that I was humbled and I realized that there’s a whole lot of people in Missouri that fundamentally think Washington, DC, is not paying any attention to their needs. My party’s not talking to them about what they’re worried about. I hear that loud and clear and I’m gonna work as hard as I can to show respect for those folks and to listen and to try to do better and correct mistakes that I may have made in terms of serving them as well as I possibly can.”

    ‘Humbled’ is a very strong word for a self-righteous douchebag like Mc Caskill to use in reference to herself… even when facing reelection… Think she would be saying anything like this if Hillary had won? No. She’d be doubling down on her corporatist douchebaggery… her people would still be just as hurting and desperate as they are now… and moreso…

  2. Oh Snap!!!

    The fratricide in the GOP has begun in earnest…Rand Paul completely eviscerated McCain calling him out as the psychotic warmongering asshole that he is…

    if we can get the few Senate GOP isolationist doves to align with the Progressives together they can short-circuit any deep state push to start up another war under Trump… Bonus…

  3. Michele Happe shared a link.
    2 hrs ·

    Here We Go Again: Russia Gets Swatted Over Cyberattacks In Another Election

    Just months after the U.S. intelligence community determined that the Russian government was behind cyberattacks during the American presidential campaign,…|By Apple Inc.

    Michele Happe shared a link.
    2 hrs ·

    Trump supporters see a successful president — and are frustrated with critics who don’t

    After celebrating Trump’s win, his supporters are quickly back on the defensive.|By Apple Inc.

  4. Breaking911 ‏@Breaking911 2h2 hours ago

    CPAC rescinds Yiannopoulos invitation amid social media uproar –

    Sheriff Ali ‏@sheriffali Feb 8

    Trump Aspiration – Bigger Rodent Than His Protégé Putin Moving America To Totalitarian Governance! #FascistTrump

    Bloomberg Politics ‏@bpolitics 2h2 hours ago

    One thing is clear… nearly all of Kim Jong Un’s potential rivals are now dead

    Al Jazeera News ‏@AJENews 2h2 hours ago

    French police search far-right leader Marine Le Pen’s party headquarters over EU corruption allegations

    ABC News ‏@ABC 3h3 hours ago

    ‘Not My President’ protests break out across the country on Presidents’ Day.

    Becki L ‏@MAlib4eva 4m4 minutes ago

    Russian ambassador to the U.N. dies suddenly in New York … via @TheWeek
    [Dies Suddenly? To shut him up?]

    The Hill ‏@thehill 9m9 minutes ago

    John Oliver mocks Trump with Putin techno song

  5. ‏@BillMoyersHQ 14m14 minutes ago

    .@GlobalEcoGuy: America is at its best when science is accepted and helps us do great things.

    The Nation ‏@thenation 17m17 minutes ago

    Net Neutrality Is in Danger. Tell the FCC Why We Need It

    Ari Melber ‏@AriMelber 19m19 minutes ago

    New Trump email asks supporters to “honor” President’s Day by thanking him

  6. Becki L ‏@MAlib4eva 38m38 minutes ago

    Border Agents Refuse To Enforce Trump’s Policy, Side With Obama By…

    Clarence W Counts Jr ‏@ClarenceWCounts 40m40 minutes ago

    Revised immigration order expected to renew ban on 7 Muslim-majority countries – ABC News (via @ABC)

    Bernie Sanders ‏@SenSanders 5h5 hours ago

    Trump vilifies undocumented immigrants but is unconcerned about the illegal behavior of Wall Street that caused millions to lose their jobs.

    The New York Times ‏@nytimes 50m50 minutes ago

    A retired police officer confessed to leading the Philippine death squad that killed two of his own brothers

    dmcrane ‏@dmcrane 55m55 minutes ago

    NASA defies Trump’s doubts on climate science. Identifies new path for Greenland meltwater to Ocean

    irene haralabatos ‏@rini6 1m1 minute ago

    #MiloYiannoupolis literally clutched his pearls about the danger of transgender ppl on @billmaher Yet pedophilia is just fine? He’s pathetic

    Zaibatsu News 📎 ‏@ZaibatsuNews 3m3 minutes ago

    Simon & Schuster cancels publication of Milo Yiannopoulos’ book amid outrage over video comments #p2 #ctl


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