Memorial Day Open Thread

Happy, Safe Memorial Day

Lots to talk about right now. The most important is what we are not doing about Climate Change And in our House of Representatives, the GOTP Majority still are denying that people are causing Climate Change and have voted this way…


Open Thread – Fill it up

Working on a new topper/rant so here’s a fresh thread to use for now.

For your enjoyment….New Rules by Bill Maher: Owner took down New Rules so here’s an interesting video.

Thomas Piketty at Harvard Book Store Explains about “Decline of Capitalism”

Harvard Book Store welcomes Paris School of Economics read

Our Issues: New, Old, and Continuing

There are many issues we are dealing with right now, almost too many to count, but the top issues at this time seem to be many that are continuing and a few new ones.

Here are just some from the top of my head:

The KXL Pipeline decision will be read