Coming This November, The Most Important Election…EVER

Many people just vote in Presidential Elections, not knowing or realizing that the Mid Term elections are sometimes more important. More important because, like this year, they can determine which party controls the Senate, the upper body of Congress, and holds on to the Majority in the House. With a read

It’s Time to Talk Seriously About Climate Change

Actually it’s way past time in my estimation. Here in the United States we have people who don’t want to believe that Climate Change is happening, or at least that people are responsible for it happening. They don’t think that all the digging into the earth for coal and oil read

Lots Happening All at the Same Time – Open Thread

Too many things happening at the same time and all need immediate attention:

* The Gaza Conflict
* The Ukraine and Russia and Sanctions by the EU & U. S.
* The Refuge Children from Central America
* Ebola Virus from Africa may spread
* Weather read